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Ukraine 2020


What does a successful country mean? How does Ukraine should look like?

Successful country – it is embodied dream. It is new technology. It is about affordable and quality medicine. It is quality education for our children.
Successful country – it is the way that we choose. It is the house, where we live. It is a hap-py family and orthodox values.
It is dignified and calm senility. It comes about traditions of generations.
The state takes care of everyone in successful countries.
Successful country – is a confidence in our future …

In fact, lunatics, who believe that they can change the world, can change it. We are in the vanguard of changes. We are changing the world, and the world is being changed with us. When we preserve the past, we are creating our present, we are building our future. Every-one has such possibility.

From Chaos – to order, from order – to success!

1978 | 12.12.2015

Tax policy: alternative exists

The «Uspishna Kraina» party together with entrepreneurs and active part of civil society are working out new Tax Code during the forums. Why are we doing this? We have carefully analysed the actions of the power, in particular, the Ministry of Finance. The conclusion is obvious: its actions are finishing off Ukrainian economy, which is weakened by crisis, stifling remains of entrepreneurial ...

Успішна Країна