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Revolving Doors


Think every citizen has the opportunity to defend himself? Watch the absurdity of the Revolving Doors of EU justice!

In compiling its list of persons under restrictive measures, The European Council has relied solely on information from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General with no transparency, no access to evidence, no hearings, no due process, no presumption of innocence. This has recently been recognized even by the Council itself. I could never expect a fair trial in Ukraine under the current political environment. The new administration in Ukraine is doing what every previous administration has done before it – their first order of business is the elimination of everyone who came before them. And today history is repeating itself. In its approach as judge-jury-executioner, the EU is lending a hand to the political-cleansing of Ukraine.

2612 | 05.10.2015

Tax policy: alternative exists

The «Uspishna Kraina» party together with entrepreneurs and active part of civil society are working out new Tax Code during the forums. Why are we doing this? We have carefully analysed the actions of the power, in particular, the Ministry of Finance. The conclusion is obvious: its actions are finishing off Ukrainian economy, which is weakened by crisis, stifling remains of entrepreneurial ...

Успішна Країна