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Whose is a tiger? Why does he need boxing? Why did he leave Ukraine? What would you ask Oleksandr Klymenko during the dinner, (as it was made by an ordinary Ukrainian family)?

Before the public service Oleksandr Klymenko was successful in business. During my work in the government, he did everything to make Ukraine better. He had implemented plethora reforms, which have significantly simplified the life of business and citizens. He was fighting against the oligarchs. He made them to pay taxes into the state budget. Nowadays, he helps those people, who are in distress due to the events in Donbas.

Oleksandr Klymenko has nothing to hide. He is still struggling for successful future of Ukraine and its citizens. He is ready to answer honestly all your questions. Let’s talk about the things, which are important for Ukrainians TODAY!

Do you want Ukraine to become successful?

Your opinion is important! Join us!

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1765 | 17.09.2015