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2313 | 05.09.2016

Is the government gouging your last things? The alternative exists!

Every day we work in order to support our families. However, current government is gouging money out of us to the bitter end. Again and again. We state loudly and clearly – the alternative exists! Join us in order to change situation!
1402 | 23.08.2016

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

Twenty-five years. The path, which is full of challenges. Anyway, we have always moved ahead. We have always been guided by faith. In God. In each other. In our fate. In our country. After all, we are Ukrainians and we deserve success! Success for all of us. For our country! We definitely will get ...
1508 | 11.07.2016

Who is really piloting our country?

Ukraine is going towards a catastrophe. The leaders say – everything is under control. But in fact, they do not care about the fate of the people – they care about the oligarchs, so that they do not pay taxes!​
1615 | 11.07.2016

Who can really change Ukraine?

Not the politicians, who are creating new tax codes with the support of the oligarchs. Ukraine can be changed by citizens and tax payers – they are the ones who are really holding this country together by paying their taxes every day. Join us at one of the public meetings and help us write ...
1576 | 05.07.2016

Attacks on entrepreneurs in Nikolayev

Radical criminal group again attempted to disrupt the forum of entrepreneurs, which is carried out by the “Uspіshna Kraina” party throughout Ukraine, in order to develop a fair Tax Code. On June 30, 2016, in the end of the forum, which was attended by 200 entrepreneurs from both the city and ...
1611 | 21.02.2016

Interview with Oleksandr Klymenko UBR channel

Interview of Oleksandr Klymenko, politician and public figure. Conversation about the consequences of the Maidan events, about present and future of Ukrainian economy and politics, about functioning of the “Uspіshna Kraina” political party and community initiative “Restoring ...
1540 | 12.12.2015

Speech of Оleksandr Klymenko during the party congress “Uspishna kraina”

All the truth about the situation in Ukraine. The truth, which you still afraid to say out loud. How to create order out of chaos and success after the order? More information about the party “Uspіshna Kraina”.
1979 | 12.12.2015

Ukraine 2020

What does a successful country mean? How does Ukraine should look like? Successful country – it is embodied dream. It is new technology. It is about affordable and quality medicine. It is quality education for our children. Successful country – it is the way that we choose. It is the house, ...
2614 | 05.10.2015

Revolving Doors

Think every citizen has the opportunity to defend himself? Watch the absurdity of the Revolving Doors of EU justice! In compiling its list of persons under restrictive measures, The European Council has relied solely on information from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General with no transparency, no ...
1921 | 28.09.2015

Fighting for your future

During the work in the government, Oleksandr Klymenko was fighting against the oligarchs. He made them to pay taxes into the state budget sharing wealth with people, who have made them rich. The Law on transfer pricing, which was under the tremendous pressure, was created and adopted thanks to ...
1767 | 17.09.2015

Frank conversation

Whose is a tiger? Why does he need boxing? Why did he leave Ukraine? What would you ask Oleksandr Klymenko during the dinner, (as it was made by an ordinary Ukrainian family)? Before the public service Oleksandr Klymenko was successful in business. During my work in the government, he did ...
1635 | 21.09.2015

Oleksandr Klymenko’s press-conference 21.09.15

During the press conference, Aleksandr Klymenko answered all the questions that representatives from various ukrainian media were interested.
2099 | 03.09.2015


New video of Oleksandr Klymenko about the events in Donetsk airport in February 2014 and a conversation with Border Service Officer, who tried to detain him. Why does this video called “Reconciliation”? If two people can come to terms with each other, Ukraine, its regions and its ...
2053 | 19.08.2015

Match for Ukraine

During 24 years our country was missing goals in its gate. It has not learned to play attack. Today, on 24th anniversary of independence of Ukraine, we offer you to imagine what would happen if Ukrainian politicians became a football team? Would Ukraine win its match? Oleksandr Klymenko knows the ...