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Uspishna Kraina

From chaos - to order,
from the order - to success.

Why did I decide to lead the party “Uspishna Kraina”? Nowadays, I have an opportunity to observe the events in the country. That is why I can not stay aside. I have no right to watch for the crash of the plane called “Ukraine”. In fact, its passengers – Ukrainian citizens – became the hostages in someone else’s game.

Why do I believe I can change the situation? I know how to build a system, how to create order from the chaos, how to start and finish successful projects. Together with my team we are ready to put all our knowledge and all our experience for the sake of serving to Ukraine – the country, which we love, where we want our children to live in.

We have to make united, peaceful and successful Ukraine for them!

Nowadays, there are thousands of us. Tomorrow – there are hundreds of thousands. The day after tomorrow – there are millions.

Come together! Come with me! I will fight for everyone!

Ukraine – it’s you. Ukraine – it’s me. We are Ukraine!

Political party “Uspishna Kraina”

“Uspishna Kraina” – it is not just a political party. This is a team of soulmates and professionals, who sincerely love their country and want to make united, peaceful and successful Ukraine!

We offer our own way for the development of our country, which is based on unique identity of Ukrainian people. Our goals are an effective state system, professional management, innovative model of economic development, spiritual values as the basis of national revival.

What are the directions of our actions?

First of all, it comes about increasing the level of the authority of the executive power through the election of its regional representatives.

Secondly, it comes about the judicial reform with a real election of judges, their independence from the President and the Parliament.

Third, it comes about a tax reform aimed at business support, instead of destroying it.

We will do everything possible in order to support civic engagement, attract volunteers and public to resolve social problems, to initiate the fight against corruption, to maintain rigorous control over authorities by community and expert organizations.

Our program of reforms is aimed at improving the standards of living, creating of competitive education system, availability and quality of medical services for the citizens, preserving and increasing of our cultural heritage.

All these reforms are designed to strengthen our core and the most valuable resource, namely, human capital. If people and their interests are high-priority issue, the country will be successful.

The success of the country consists of the success of each its citizens. They should be able to find themselves in favorite business, to receive decent and fair wages, to ensure the comfort and safety of their families, educate their children and be confident in their successful future.

The success of the country is in successes of its citizens!

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