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Terms of Service the website oleksandr-klymenko.com


If you continue to browse and use the website oleksandr-klymenko.com (hereinafter – Website), you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Using means any reproduction, publication, copying, reprint, distribute, transfer, broadcasting, cable communication, processing and other methods stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Publicly available materials can be used fully or partially only upon condition of reference and/or direct hyperlinks to materials’ immediate addresses on Website. References/hyperlinks shall be placed in the sub-titles or in the first paragraphs of materials. The font size of references or hyperlinks shall not be smaller than the text size of the used materials. References/hyperlinks are obligatory regardless of full or partial use of materials.
Reprint, copying, reproduction, modification or other use of materials published on the Website is strictly prohibited. Partial quoting of this material – no more than 1000 characters (one thousand symbols) – with a direct link or open to search engines or a hyperlink in the first paragraph of sub-title of the material, leading to the relevant article on the Website is permitted.

Photos of the Website can be used upon condition of reference to the source – oleksandr-klymenko.com. If the photo has voter mark of the Website, its save in the process of using the photos is obligatory.

Any violation of the above listed terms and conditions of use will be regarded as a violation of legally protected intellectual property rights and right to information and result in legal consequences according to the law of Ukraine.

Website   exploits standard technology for the collection of technical information about visitor and can receive information about your IP-address, name of your web browser, etc. The given information is stored in the form of web server’s logs and server statistics and is used for the analysis of Website audience.

All personal information that is collected when you visit the Website can also be used for the following purposes: to carry out the registration process for the provision of information (any time it is possible to abandon these newsletters or subscribe to it later).

Website and the content are protected by copyright and law, namely Ukrainian legislation, international provisions standards and regulations.

Any use of materials of a site, domain, and with the purpose and methods that violate the rights and interests of the copyright holders, other legal entities and / or individuals, as well as in violation of Ukrainian legislation and international provisions, standards and regulations.

Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time by posting changes online. The changes come into force from the date of publication of the new edition of the Website.