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Removing the barriers

Support of small and medium business

Due to the understanding the importance of small and medium enterprises for the development of Ukrainian economy and society, Oleksandr Klymenko was implementing the innovations in order to make the creation and management of the business in Ukraine accessible and attractive for all initiative and enterprising people.

Despite the fact that the cost of fees for small and medium business in Ukraine has always been low – around 2%, Oleksandr Klymenko understood that developed entrepreneurship – is the environment, which forms the “middle class”, the foundation of social and economic stability of the state.

Thus, he has been consistently working on removing administrative barriers in front of anyone who could and wanted to establish his own business. Deregulation, easy registration, simplified and accessible taxation system (for people without special knowledge) – are the three “pillars”, which became a basis for the policy of Oleksandr Klymenko with regard to the small and medium-sized business.

It was proclaimed and then implemented transition from a fiscal to a service-oriented model of the tax service, and later – to the combined tax and customs departments of the Ministry of revenue and duties.

500 service centers – “front offices” were built. Entrepreneurs were provided by whole range of tax services (based on the principle of “single window”): consultations, reports, tax payments. Kilometer-long queues to the tax service offices gave way to a comfortable well- equipped rooms with a young and friendly staff.

Among the first decisions of Oleksandr Klymenko during the heading of Tax service, was the complete abolition of inspections of cash discipline – one of the most painful process (it contains significant corruption risks) for small business. Klymenko has introduced a moratorium on planned inspections of small and medium-sized business since 2012.

He also paid attention to the adaptation and improvement of the simplified taxation system, which was introduced in order to facilitate the business environment after tax Maidan 2010.

In addition, Oleksandr Klymenko lobbied such innovations: the possibility of submitting of the application related to the transition to a simplified system in electronic form; expansion of the reporting period from the calendar month to one year (for the second group – the most popular among the entrepreneurs), opportunity to change the group or the tax rate during the year by own decision.

By virtue of Klymenko, there was adopted a law, which allowed entrepreneurs to obtain remotely extracts from the relevant register, without reference to the tax authorities (instead of a single tax payer certificate).

As a result, by the end of 2013, almost 1.5 million Ukrainian businessmen have been working with a simplified system. The number of single tax payers has increased by 62 thousand during the year.

It was planned that in 2014 “simplified” entrepreneurs would be the first people, who would be able to evaluate the benefits of another innovation – the electronic inspections.

This procedure would allow to carry out accounts auditing remotely without distracting entrepreneur from its core business. This opportunity should have been received all the representatives of small and medium-sized business in 2015, other taxpayers in 2016.

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