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Forming of tax culture

Oleksandr Klymenko have always paid a lot of attention to educational projects in the taxation field. The process of forming a European tax culture in Ukraine has begun due to his work.

When Oleksandr Klymenko was studying the best world practices, he concluded that the national tax system develops in line with the general trends. Moreover, after a series of important innovations, Ukrainian mechanisms of tax administration surpassed some EU countries (on a number of parameters).

Meanwhile, the fundamental distinction of a developed country is a tax culture of the society. Its level is rather low in Ukraine. Employees of tax authorities in Europe and the United States could do a minimum number of inspections and investigations due to the fact that tax evasion was condemned by citizens. Tax evasion cases there were the exception rather than common.

That is why formation of tax culture in Ukraine was a priority area for reforming of the whole system.

The important element in the education of future taxpayers became thematic lectures and courses in schools, the expansion of the format of the competition “Taxes through the eyes of children”, which was held among school children throughout the country.

Unprecedented creative project on promotion knowledge of the tax was the creation of the animated film “City of Dreams” about the «Land of paid taxes». Cartoon was shot on the works of Lyudmila Bogdanovav – Belarusian writer. Her fairy tale «Glorious deeds of Taras Leleko – the tax inspector» won the first prize in the creative competition (which was organized by Oleksandr Klymenko).

Upon the recommendation of child psychologists, the cartoon itself was filmed by the traditional hand-drawn animation, without the use of computer graphics and special effects. It was voiced on Russian, Ukrainian and English. Ukrainian TV channels broadcasted a cartoon, and cinemas arranged special school séances. Video became one of the most watched (more than a million views on YouTube) very quickly.

In September 2013, Oleksandr Klymenko together with Minister of Education and Science introduced a special course and the schoolbook “Fundamentals of tax knowledge” for ninth-grade students of secondary schools.

This joint project of the two Ministries was aimed at the formation of tax culture among the younger generation, the creation of a positive image of a conscientious taxpayer and increasing the level of voluntary tax. In future, it was planned to create similar courses for pupils of 10 and 11 grades.

An important project for Oleksandr Klymenko was the reconstruction of the Museum of the tax service, which was opened in 2013 in the updated form. Children got the opportunity to see an interactive map of taxes and fees, rare exhibits of Tax Service and learn interesting facts about taxes from outstanding veterans, who created the tax service of Ukraine from scratch.

The results of this work will be observed not today and not tomorrow, but through the decades. Investing in our children’s knowledge – is the foundation for the future of Ukraine as a successful country.

1883 | 12.08.2015