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In order to change the system, it not enough to make a loud statement about own ambitious plans. Any reform, the implementation of any innovation – is, first of all, the project, which has clear goals, objectives, steps and efficiency criteria. It is daily control, overcoming the resistance, the ability to take responsibility for decisions and results.

All the reforms, changes, which were implemented by me during my state serving in the Ukrainian government’s 2005-2014, were aimed at simplifying the business and improvement of investment climate, economic development and the provision of social payments to citizens. I hope that each entrepreneur feels its results – via opened service centers (across the country), available electronic services, effective and equal control over completeness of tax payment based on the principle “All should pay taxes!”.

Only economically powerful state can be truly independent. Nowadays, we have to restore Ukrainian economy, driven not by emotions, but pragmatism and national interests.

Creation instead of destruction. Innovation instead of long-standing practices. The balance of interests, instead of radicalism. The responsibility for the decisions. Simple and universal recipe for success for any reform.

Oleksandr Klymenko

Changing the system
Project management in public administration

Oleksandr Klymenko has implemented the world's best practice of strategic management in public administration. Fundamental reform of the tax authorities, its reorientation from their fiscal to service functions for citizens and business are the results of his projects.
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Listening to business
Tax reforms through the dialogue and partnership

The main aim of Oleksandr Klymenko is improving the investment attractiveness of Ukraine. He has implemented a number of important and necessary business and citizens regulatory reforms. Due to them, Ukraine was included in the top-100 ranking Doing Business for the first time.
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Eradicating the corruption
Systematic anti-corruption strategy

Under the guidance of Oleksandr Klymenko, it was worked out and implemented systematic anti-corruption strategy in tax and customs authorities. It combines the measures of the detection of the corruption and to eradicating its causes. Anti-corruption practices, which were worked out by Klymenko, ...
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Restoring justice
"The point of profit" - in Ukraine

Oleksandr Klymenko was the first and only politician in the history of independent Ukraine, who systematically opposed the withdrawal of capital from the country without paying taxes. Due to his activities, there was worked out and adopted law on transfer pricing. Its implementation would make the ...
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Searching for balance
Struggling with the shadow economy

Oleksandr Klymenko worked out and implemented risk-oriented monitoring system of economic operations, which allowed to start solving two "eternal" problems - to reduce tax audits of business and improve the efficiency of detection of tax evasion, and as a result, increase incomes into the state ...
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Removing the barriers
Support of small and medium business

Due to the understanding the importance of small and medium enterprises for the development of Ukrainian economy and society, Oleksandr Klymenko was implementing the innovations in order to make the creation and management of the business in Ukraine accessible and attractive for all initiative and ...
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Implementing innovations
Electronic services for business and citizens

Due to Oleksandr Klymenko, development of electronic services has become a major factor in simplifying the tax system and increasing the investment attractiveness of the country
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Creating the future
Forming of tax culture

Oleksandr Klymenko have always paid a lot of attention to educational projects in the taxation field. The process of forming a European tax culture in Ukraine has begun due to his work
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Connecting the civilizations
Development of the international partnership

Considering the role of Ukraine inside the European system is as a «space of mutual understanding" between Russia and the West, Oleksandr Klymenko personally coordinated the preparation of all tax and customs reforms required to sign an Association Agreement with the EU in 2013. He also took part ...
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