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Privacy policy the website oleksandr-klymenko.com


Oleksandr-klymenko.com site exploits a standard technology for the collection of technical information about you as a visitor and can receive information about your IP-address, name of your web browser, etc. If you visit a oleksandr-klymenko.com site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by oleksandr-klymenko.com site. The given information is stored in the form of web server’s logs and server statistics and is used for the analysis of oleksandr-klymenko.com site audience.

Personal information (name, address, phone number or email address) is not collected or used by oleksandr-klymenko.com.

You can configure your browser so that it will notify you or automatically reject the temporary files cookies. This will limit the collection of non-personal information. If you reject the temporary files on oleksandr-klymenko.com site or refuse to use these temporary files, you can continue to visit the oleksandr-klymenko.com site, but some its facilities will be unavailable to you.

Extraneous advertising companies can use information about visitors of oleksandr-klymenko.com site and other web-sites in order to present the most relevant ads about goods and services. For more information or to reject from providing such information, refer to: google.com/privacy_ads.html.

Modification of Privacy Policy: oleksandr-klymenko.com reserves the right to change, modify or update Privacy Policy of oleksandr-klymenko.com site anytime, and you consent to such changes and / or updates.