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Life principles

Nothing can stop an idea, which time has come

I do not want to live an aimless life. General spiritual purpose of life is clear – to save the soul. In the mundane context I plan each 20 years. At least the next 20 years – is the period, when I intend to live actively in politics. I do not believe that politics – is a dirty business. All things depend on the internal systems that you have in your head. What kind of politician will you be and which example will you demonstrate depends on it. It is not easy, but it works. Listening to my heart, my goal of participation in politics – is to make Ukraine a country, where people feel comfortable, where everyone would be needed and could earn a decent living, where our children would have a future, where we would like to grow old.

The notion of power in society is perverted. I perceive a power not as a goal, but as an element of freedom and tool. It is the element of freedom due to the ability to help or give a chance to others at the right time. It is a tool, which helps to change the world for the better via achieving good purposes. If you use it for other purposes, it destroys you. Power as a service to the people. Such understanding was supported by Oleksandr Nevsky, Oleksandr Suvorov … Power for the sake of development, not for yourself personally. Power like the cross, not as a reward.

I am a kind of person, which always goes in for something. I always go headlong into a job. Whatever I do – tax reform or athletic training, I always build a system. I know that work, which is systematically adjusted, always gives results. It is the matter of time. For me it is a pleasure to organize and run processes. I like to create something out of nothing, to breath a life to something created that has potential for growth. You can not live two days a week (only on the weekends). We must live 7 days a week. You should to carry through your heart everything what you do. Then you will enjoy your life.

I have a few bullet points in my life. Faith. Only due to the Religion you can commensurate the morality of your actions and understand what is black and what is white. Someone can take away everything from you, except for the faith in God. Family. It’s not just mom, dad, wife, children. The family is much bigger: it’s all those people for whom you are responsible, who you trust and hope for. My heart is always open, my hand will always be with the people who close to me. Sports. First, it makes a man out of a boy, forms character, allows to win yourself. A victory over yourself – is the most difficult. Being adult, the sport makes it possible to withstand the load and keep the strike. Education. It is necessary to make your brain work, look for all the new and new information and study, study, study …

The most important thing of the successful project – is a team. The leader, who expects for a stability and serious achievements, forms his team from the beginning and pays a lot of attention to it. In my life there are not only true professionals, but solid soulmates, true friends, who are always close to me (during the success and difficulties). Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. It is important for everyone to understand – we are Ukrainians, this is our strength.

God shows a path to a person, when the last feels he has achieved all his goals objectives and can finally stop and catch his breath. I had such moment in 2014. I am grateful to God for this time. I perceive current period of my life as a time of training of strength and spirit. According to one wise man, the tree that does not bear fruit, is not beaten with sticks. I was beaten every day and the hits become stronger. I’m ready to keep these attacks in order to fight for my people and my country. Successful country.

I can not stand injustice. “God is not in the power, God is in truth.” These words were written on the icon of Oleksandr Nevsky, which is always with me. Truth, justice sooner or later will always prevail. All my words and deeds I always measure on this side of the scale.

I am not afraid of defeat. It is impossible to  taste of victory if you do not know the bitterness of losing. In life (the same as it is in sport) – each defeat makes you stronger and more experienced. Each closing door behind you – it is always the beginning of a new start. The worst loss – is losing of your friends and family, who disappear forever. Everything else – it is not the loss, but only the test.

Do I regret about anything? I believe that all trials of my life are revealed to me by God for the strengthen the power of the spirit.  I never look into the past, only towards the future. Not for a day or a week or a month, but for many years ahead. Each person (as it is in each project) should have a growth strategy, a strategy of movement. It is clear that whatever structural were your plans, life always makes adjustments – we are all under God. However, moving forward without a plan – is a chaotic throwing the ship in a stormy ocean.

My primary goal is to stop the war, to establish a peace in Donbas, to reconcile the Ukrainian people!