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| 25.01.2017

Probability of default in Ukraine has risen to 43%, – Oleksandr Klymenko

In 2017, Ukraine is expected for three scenarios of course of events in terms of currency fluctuations. Two out of three will bring the country to default. It was written by Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party and former Minister of revenue and duties on his Facebook page. Among the external […]
| 16.01.2017

Klymenko tried the “The Laws of January 16” on the current government: coincidence is amazing

Nowadays, the laws, which were called by “dictatorial” or “draconian” by media – «The Laws of January 16» – turned three years. Oleksandr Klymenko, the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party, who headed the Ministry of revenue and duties during the adoption of these laws, analysed the legislative ideas of ​​the current government and claimed […]
| 25.10.2016

Doing Business-2017: spoilers by Poroshenko and real situation in Ukraine

Today Poroshenko made spoilers about the Doing Business-2017 rating, which was officially published by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) only a few minutes ago. According to the owner of the Roshen corporation, Ukraine has already «risen in the Doing Business ranking by 73 positions in the context of tax climate of economy» […]
| 26.12.2014

Klymenko: 10 mistakes of tax service in 2014

1. Nobody would call a good thing as “Fiscal Service”. I believe that the fundamental mistake in the tax policy in 2014 – was a refusal from strategy “from servicing agency to fiscal service.” In fact, it is a 180 degrees u-turn, which will have long-term negative consequences, both for the taxpayers and for personnel […]
| 07.08.2014

VAT-accounts – is an attempt of the Government to put out a fire by petrol

The temptation of easy solutions often fails due to the fact that behind the apparent simplicity there are always hidden consequences (no one thought about it on time). If we look through the modifications (which were offered by government and voted by Parliament) about VAT administration, it seems to be quite progressive. It comes to […]