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News | 1406 | 14.04.2014

Oleksandr Klymenko donated 1 million UAH to the families of the dead miners in Donetsk

“Due to the fact that I was born in Donetsk and spent most of my life there, my heart aches for everything that is happening today in the southeast of the country. I am with Donbas residents wholeheartedly. This region has versatile, unique and strong spirit. Each person, who live and work there, make it suchlike. The strength of Donbas – is not in mines or factories, the power is in its people. People, who know what duty and honor mean. People, who every day find the strength to go down into the mine, although they know that they can not return home. People, who understand that supporting the work of blast furnace – is support of the life of the whole city. People, who are always loyal to their words. It should be clear for those, who make decisions about the fate of the region and its residents!”- Oleksandr Klymenko – ex-minister of Revenues and Duties of Ukraine wrote on his official Facebook page.

According to him, when the situation in the East and South of Ukraine is strained, when there is tremendous informational pressure, “we  have to evince the courage and wisdom. I am sure that only together, supporting each other, showing mutual respect, we can go through this ordeal, and to preserve the unity of our country”.

“On the background of that stormy events, which were taking place during the last days in the East of the country, on April 11 occured terrible tragedy in Donetsk mine im. Skochinskogo. Seven miners were killed. Unfortunately, accidents in the mines of Donetsk region are commonness, for some people it is just a running line in news … However, for the families and relatives of the victims – it is a terrible grief and irreplaceable loss.

My heart felt condolences to your families. Words cannot express my sorrow. I know that this loss can not be made up for. However, I made the decision to transfer 1 million UAH from my own funds from the account in “Unison Bank” to help the families of the victims. It’s the least I can do for you.

During these difficult time for the region and the whole Ukraine, we will be able to save ourselves and our families by supporting and substituting the shoulder and extending a hand to each other. Only if the person and its life take the highest place in the list of priorities, when political slogans and foreign policy interests remain in the background, our Ukraine will be strong and united!” – Klymenko summarized.

Let us remind that on Friday, April 11, around 6.20 am gas-air mixture outburst at the mine named Skochinskiy Donetsk. There were 52 employees at a depth of about 1,300 meters on the 4th plot. 7 miners got fatal injuries and 9 miners were transported to the hosplital.

Link to source: Vesti.ua

Photo: telegraf.com.ua