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News | 1761 | 20.04.2014

Klymenko helped to convey tigers and bears in Zaporozhye zoo

On April 24 on the territory of Beloozersk national park two bears and two tigers were transferred to a private zoo of Oleksandr Pilishenko in Vasilevka (Zaporizhia region).

Oleksandr Klymenko – former Minister of Revenues and Duties – was an initiator of the conveyance of the animals (they had unriveted attention in media).

According to the ex-minister, he was not related to these animals. However, he decided to to help and care about the future of tigers and bears.

“We got in touch with several zoos, which could take the animals and provide them necessary conditions. Zaporozhye zoo led by Oleksandr Pilishenko responded to our request. This is a wonderful private zoo. Pilishenko family is known for their love for animals. I hope that it will be comfortable for tigers and bears in their new home. It was decided to allocate funds in order to create comfy environment for them during the summer”- wrote Klymenko.

In particular, new owners of the animals obtained financial assistance (234 thousand UAH) for summer maintenance of tigers and bears in order to create comfortable conditions

Oleksandr Pilishenko personally met the animals. He said that animals are in good condition.  Allocated funds will be enough not only for food but also for the construction of new cages for them.

Tigers and bears are now are under the supervision of animal advocates and journalists.

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Photo: youtube.com