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News | 1233 | 29.11.2017

Klymenko demands public providing essence of charges of high treason by the Security Service of Ukraine

Oleksandr Klymenko, leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party and former Minister of revenue and duties, stated that new criminal case, which was brought against him and announced by the Security Service of Ukraine today, is nothing more than political pressure on opponents by the power and its attempt to suppress dissent in the country.

It was written on his official page in Facebook. Moreover, the politician reminded that he has already proved unfoundedness of the statements of the Security Service of Ukraine on the court.

In particular, the politician is confident that new case against him is connected to  a deadlock on existing episodes, which have no perspectives neither in Ukraine, nor abroad.

“Let’s remember even more than 6 criminal cases against me,which were alternately initiated, repeatedly qualified, suspended and collapsed. It had no judicial perspective. Europe mo longer believes these fairy tails, Interpol removed from the search”, – Klymenko stated.

The former Minister emphasized that “additional materials”, which were mentioned in the statement of the Security Service of Ukraine, were not publicly published. He reminded that he had already won cases against the Special Service.

“Let’s remember the day,when the Security Service of Ukraine – under the leadership of Nalyvaichenko that time – was accusing me of the tragedy in Odesa,which took place on May,2. What was the result of these accusations? The court decision on ordering the Security Service to refute its groundless statements”, – Klymenko wrote.

The politician demanded from the Security Service to publicly disclose the allegations.

“My lawyers have already been making relevant requests. If those media, which were actively distributing the statement of the Security Service of Ukraine on existing of accusations, consider themselves to be true media, I recommend to do the same thing,namely, to make a request to the Security Service if Ukraine in order to find out the essence of the above-mentioned charges”, – Klymenko wrote.

“All these facts – are nothing more than a theatre of absurd. There is only one goal – to suppress any general political activity of any active opponent to current power.  Persecution of dissent ideas and competitors – is the main feature of Poroshenko’s regime. As it is said, all is fair, even the most absurd things “, – he added.

Let us recall, the so-called “Klymenko case” has been investigated by prosecutor’s office for the last three years. In May 2017, it was carried out special operation by Military Prosecutor’s Office and National Police. As a result, it was detained 23 former tax officials, 46 officials were informed of suspicion. Despite the statement of prosecutor’s office on irrefutable evidence of the guilt of former tax officials, pre-trial investigation has been continued for 6 months. At the same time, terms of detention have always been extended, meanwhile lawyers and defenders claim on insolvency of charges.

In addition, we would like to remind that Oleksandr Klymenko became one of the first Ukrainian officials, who were serving along with Yanukovich, and refuted accusations of current power against him. In particular, on August 6,2014, the Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv ordered the Security Service of Ukraine to refute information on implication of Klymenko to tragic course of events in Odesa on May 2,2014. Consequently, in November 2014, court of appeal also satisfied an action of Oleksandr Klymenko, and dismissed the appeal of the Security Service of Ukraine. In April 2015, the Supreme special court of Ukraine finally recognized all the accusations against Klymenko to be apocryphal and ordered to publicly refute it. Apocryphal information was removed from the official website of the Security Service of Ukraine.