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News | 1481 | 21.07.2017

Klymenko stated that the Poroshenko’s government will break its own teeth during the interwiew to the “Vesti”

The attack of representatives of law-enforcement agencies on private companies and the editorial office of “Vesti” in “Gulliver” business centre – it is a state raiding and an attempt to suppress nonconformity in Ukraine. Such opinion was expressed by Oleksandr Klymenko, former minister of Revenue and Duties and the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party, during the interview to the “Vesti”.

The politician also pointed at inconsistency of charges, which were filed against him by the Poroshenko’s government. He reminded that revenues of the entire state budget were amounted to UAH 339 billion in 2013. It comes about USD 42 billion (exchange rate was about UAH 8 per USD 1). However, in 2016, for instance, budget revenues amounted to UAH 616 billion (exchange rate was about UAH 26 per USD 1). It comes about USD 23 billion.

“All the taxes were raised, majority of social payments was cancelled and tariffs for the population became draconian. Thus, here is the question: “How much money do Matios, Lutsenko, Turchinov and Poroshenko owe to each Ukrainian in such case?”, – the politician ironically said.

During the interview, Klymenko refuted his connection with the companies, which were raided by Matios and Avakov on Friday.  He considers prosecution, criminal cases against himself, including, the resonant “tax inspectors case” to be a personal position of Matios.

“When I headed the Ministry of Revenues and Duties, Matios repeatedly turned to me through my subordinates and attempted to lobby the interests of several affiliated business structures. However, all his offers were denied. This is the answer to the second part of your question, namely: “Why you?”, – Klymenko said. At the same time, he added that Matios –  is just “a little cog in the wheel of current regime”.

“The power attempts to destroy me in order to demonstrate: look at Klymenko. He was fighting for ideas during the last three years, but we destroyed him. It will happen to each of you if you publicly oppose the dictatorship of Poroshenko”, – the politician stated and added that “they are barking up the wrong tree” and “they will break their teeth”.

Klymenko reminded that the EU sanctions were annulled. Representatives of European institutions about inconsistency of the charges of the Prosecutor General’s Office. In addition, he was removed from the list of wanted persons of Interpol.

Klymenko associates the attack of the Military Prosecutor’s Office and officers of the KORD (Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action) on the editorial office of “Vesti”, which occurred on July 14, with investigation of journalists against Anatolii Matios, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine. At the same time, the politician pointed at inconsistency of the government’s statements, which initially were about funding the newspaper by the “Kremlin”. Nowadays, they claim that the “Vesti” was funded by legally operating Ukrainian business.

Despite the efforts of Poroshenko to take control or destroy a few media that provide an alternative point of view in Ukraine, the politician is confident in victory of Ukrainians in future. “Nowadays, it seems to be David’s battle with Goliath. However, we all know the end of this story”, – he concluded.

Let us remind, on July 14, the building of Multi-functional Complex “Gulliver”, which is located in centre of Kyiv, was seized by representatives of Military Prosecutor’s Office and officers of the KORD (Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action) under the personal leadership of Anatolii Matios, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine. The operation involved armed officers of special forces and APCs (armoured personnel carriers).

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