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News | 1343 | 14.07.2017

Klymenko considers today’s seizure of business centre by law-enforcement agencies to be a banditry

Poroshenko’s entourage seizes the business assets of Ukrainian companies under the guise of investigation of resonant criminal cases. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko, the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party, commenting today’s seizure of Multi-functional Complex “Gulliver”, which was carried out by Military Prosecutor’s Office and officers of the KORD (Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action).

“I was surfing the Internet and was surprised that I was searched by law-enforcement agencies. Dear Avakov and Matios, I will upset you but I do not have any searches”, – Klymenko wrote.

The politician considers today’s incident, when, in fact, visitors and Gulliver’s employees were taken hostage, to be an attempt of forceful seizure of business, which belongs to Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

“The only thing I can say is to apologize to those people and companies that were affected by unprofessionalism and political background of current events (instead of the Military Prosecutor’s Office and National Police) “, – Klymenko wrote.

“Dear entrepreneurs and Ukrainian citizens, be vigilant! The power has its own new schtick. They practice banal banditry under the guise of fight against Klymenko”, – he added.

Let us remind, this morning, on July 14, the building of Multi-functional Complex “Gulliver”, which is located in centre of Kyiv, was seized by representatives of Military Prosecutor’s Office and officers of the KORD (Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action under the personal leadership of  Anatolii Matios, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine. The operation involved armed officers of special forces and APCs (armoured personnel carriers).  The operation of plethora companies, which rent office in BC “Gulliver”, was blocked due to illegal actions.  At the same time, people in the shopping centre were actually taken hostage. They were restrained in the building without any explanation. All the entrances and exits were blocked.