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News | 1238 | 20.06.2017

Poroshenko usurps the power on the pretext of Donbas reintegration, – experts

The “Restoring Donbas” community initiative of Oleksandr Klymenko demands public discussion of the draftlaw on cancellation of ATO from the authorities. The current version of the above-mentioned draftlaw is aimed at interests of narrow political groups and can be a threat to Ukrainians. Such statement was made by experts and activists of the organization.

“Nowadays, this document is being discussed by group of people, who are close to Bankova str. The issue of all-Ukrainian level concerning the security of Ukrainian citizens is being resolving during some secret and hidden negotiations, which are aimed at achieving narrow political goals. Ukrainians themselves can find out about it after the fact. Such an approach is unacceptable for democratic and constitutional state”, – experts emphasized.

According to analysts of the initiative of Oleksandr Klymenko, there are three possible scenarios for Ukraine in case of cancellation of ATO. It comes about the following: moving to an open war, reconciliation and the end of the war, or “freezing” the conflict. At the same time, representatives of the “Restoring Donbas” consider actions of the power to be an intention to introduce a “hybrid martial law”.

The experts stated that the new draftlaw on Donbas (without public control) would lead to an actual usurpation of power by Poroshenko in Ukraine via manual appointment of elections. It was stated in the article published on June 20. At the same time, public activists are confident that Poroshenko wants to absolve himself of responsibility for course of events in the region by this document. Nowadays, he is the only one, who bears the cross of all Donbas problems. The reason for this is the fact that he appoints the head of the Security Service of Ukraine. Under the new conditions, Poroshenko will absolve himself of responsibility and will transfer it to the collegial body, namely, the Operational Headquarter.

“Thereafter, the responsibility for Donbas situation will be divided between different people in this Headquarter. Consequently, if there is any force majeure, it will be impossible to find the guilty one”, – representatives of the “Restoring Donbas” stated.

The Headquarters will offer to introduce/not to introduce martial law in Donbas. Accordingly, it will decide, whether to create legal basis for prohibition of elections or not.

“It turns out that Poroshenko implements political technology of keeping the power during the required period of time. At the same time, he allegedly has nothing in common with it due to the fact that decisions on restrictions during the elections will be made by the competent Operational Headquarter. He will simply obey its decisions for the sake of interests of the country”, – experts of Oleksandr Klymenko stated. They stressed that such situation would be beneficial to “all political bankrupts of the current government”.

Klymenko believes that in fact, such innovations lead to failure of current negotiation process related to Donbas.

“Under such circumstances, violation of the “Minsk” is obvious. It is also clear that the current power moves towards the war. It remains only to expect for the fact that Trump will tell Ukrainian President where to get off and make him fulfil political part of the Minsk agreements”, – the politician wrote on his Facebook page.

Let us recall, the “Restoring Donbas” community initiative was founded in November 2014 by Oleksandr Klymenko, Ukrainian politician and the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party. Nowadays, the initiative unites 120 thousand people via its projects and online-activity. Members of the initiative work together in order to find ways out of the crisis caused by the military conflict, and paths for subsequent development of the region. Moreover, they carry out an expert work on Donbas problems and provide IDPs and Donbas residents with support and required assistance.