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News | 944 | 21.02.2017

Emergency state and cancellation of elections: Klymenko described Ukraine without the Minsk agreements

After delaying the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the President Poroshenko stands at the crossroads between self-sacrifice for the sake of peace or self-isolation for the sake of his power. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko – the founder of the “Restoring Donbas” community initiative and the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party.

The politician analysed the current situation and noted that nowadays, Ukrainian government faced with the situation (for the first time), when each next step worsens its position. At the same time, Klymenko is confident, there will be no opportunity to “conserve” the Minsk agreements as it was on Bankova during the two years. West is interested in an early resolution of the conflict, Russia is tired of bearing the financial cross relate to supporting the region.

The politician recalls that nowadays, Poroshenko could launch implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine in accordance with a clear algorithm. However, I am confident that “his own soulmates, who earn money on war, smuggling, and blood, will not forgive him for a peace”.

“The battalions under their control will do everything to “perturb the power” – and to behead the presidential chair (perhaps, literally),” – Klymenko writes and stresses that “there is no faith in Poroshenko’s ability”.

The second option – is Poroshenko’s refusal from the Minsk and start of Ukraine’s self-isolation.  Such scenario was described by the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party as the most pessimistic.

“The war keeps on going, ties with Donbas are breaking for good, the economy is flying into the abyss, the country is moving to military lines, Kyiv becomes diplomatically isolated from West, meanwhile Poroshenko has been turned into a rogue president”, – the politician wrote and added that in such case Ukraine is expected for the introduction of state of emergency, closure of inconsonant media, ban of elections, and severe struggle between the authorities and political opponents.

At the same time, Klymenko notes that, despite the Poroshenko’s desires, nowadays, there are no alternatives to Minsk and “the country will go through the reconciliation process that will start in the next months”.

“Reboot the Verkhovna Rada. Poroshenko’s resignation and re-election of the President. It comes about fair, and, foremost, fast lawsuits against those, who was disgraced by offshore scandals and demonstrated trillions in e-declarations. Kyiv will step over itself and adopt the law on elections on separate, but close territories. It will have a special status. As well as the status of Transcarpathia or Volhynia. Decentralization will allow to keep 50% of the collected taxes (for instance, profit tax) in the region, to carry out own policy in humanitarian field”, – the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” predicts.

According to Klymenko, nowadays, the main thing – is to stop looking for enemies and take a sober look at course of events.

 “The deaths of patriots – no matter of their side – it is the tragedy of a single country. Their blood fertilizes the soil in the garden of oligarchs … Of course, the nation will have to go a long way to the forgiveness. There will be cases of vendetta and ascertaining the relationship by “patriots”. I do not want to guess. However, I believe that Ukrainians can look at each other without hatred from the both sides of the front line. This is a great achievement”, – the politician summed up.

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