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News | 1068 | 22.03.2017

There is no alternative to antracyt from Donbas in Ukraine, – Klymenko

Plans of the Ukrainian authorities to buy anthracite abroad have nothing common to reality due to physical inability to import the required amount of such fuel. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party – on his Facebook page commenting the corresponding statement of Prime Minister, Volodymyr Borysovych Groysman. The politician reminds that there are 6 thermal power plants, which consume only high-calorific coal – anthracite, on territories under Ukrainian control. Common power plants consume more than 9 million tons of such fuel during a year. Such amount of anthracite should be bought by Ukraine for the sake of smooth operation of its power system. At the same time, all the reserves of anthracite are located on the uncontrolled territories of Donbas.

Klymenko provided calculations of experts of his political force. According to it, Ukraine is not able to buy the necessary amount of anthracite abroad due to both the lack of supply in foreign markets, and the inability of Ukrainian ports to deliver it.

South Africa produces no more than 5 million tons of anthracite. About 1-1,3 million tons are exported to Western Europe each year. However, according to the results of supplies of African coal in 2014, it turns out that it has not been burnt at Ukrainian thermal power plants. In other countries, the situation with potential supply is much more complicated. It has been mined about 400,000 tons of anthracite that is used by the United States in its own, American metallurgy. In addition, anthracite in Australia is also being mined, but not exported.

“So, what else? Where will we buy anthracite? Nowhere. We will keep on buying Donbas coal under the guise of American-African-Australian one with a surcharge of 40-50 dollars per ton”, – the politician stated. According to Klymenko, the reason for such an extra charge is a “shoulder of a giant size” from Washington (7833 km), Johannesburg (8527 km) or Sydney (14 943 km).

In addition, according to the calculations of the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina”, it is impossible to supply the necessary amount of anthracite (namely, 9 million tons) for Ukraine due to difficulties in logistics. “Even if the whole world found an anthracite for Ukraine, we would not receive it. It is related to the fact that maximum amount of transhipment in our ports is amounted to about 400 thousand tons per month.

Even if we assume that we have equable coal transhipment during the whole year (that is unrealistic), Ukraine will not be able to take even a half of the required coal”, – he stated.

At the same time, there is no currency to pay for foreign coal in Ukraine. Moreover, Ukrainian ports cannot accept large capacity container ship. It will take from take 60 to 180 days starting from signing of contracts, ending with the delivery of coal itself.

“The government will legally (sort of) raise the tariff for electricity using the above-mentioned schemes of supply”, – Klymenko summed up. The politician is confident that cost margin on Donbas coal will again go into the pockets of the authorities again due to the fact that transportation will take place according to documents.

Let us remind, earlier Klymenko stated that the decision on Donbas blockade will reduce the hryvnia exchange rate to UAH 32 per dollar and postpone obtaining of the next tranche of the IMF by Ukraine at least until May-July.

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Photo: economics.unian.net