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News | 1315 | 03.03.2017

The time to be responsible for actions will come: Klymenko about the closure of the “Vesty” Radio

The power’s decision on closing the “Vesty” radio violated the law. Moreover, it attempts to liquidate free and uncontrolled Ukrainian media. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko – the politician and the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party – on his Facebook page.

“The authorities not just closed the radio. The power shut the mouth of all Ukrainians. Such people are trying to think differently than official television propaganda“, – Klymenko believes.

The politician notes that during the last three years, the radio station was defending against the attacks of the Poroshenko administration. At the same time, according to Klymenko, the radio was closed due to the fact that someone considered the “Vesty” is connected with my name.

” I have convinced myself that my words are necessary for Ukrainian society”, – he stressed.

The leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» expressed support to the entire staff of the radio and media holding “Vesty” for their struggle. In addition, he applied to President Poroshenko and members of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine and accused them of gross violation of the Constitution and Ukrainian laws.

“The power is not eternal. The time to be responsible for actions will come. The actions of each executor of the criminal will of the authorities will be under the law one day. Everyone, who committed a crime today and put a finger in the pie, would be brought to justice. Under the law”, – Klymenko stated.

The politician stressed that thousands of people came out on the streets of Kyiv in order to support the “Vesty” radio. However, they are still unheard by the power that introduces censorship “upon the request of pseudo-patriots” and covering itself with manual “activists”.

Klymenko stated that he together with the team of his political force is ready to support the media holding team, all readers and listeners in their struggle for freedom of speech. In particular, he is ready to provide all necessary, including legal, support.

Link to source: Oleksandr Klymenko official Facebook Page

Photo: vesti-ukr.com