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News | 1266 | 16.01.2017

Klymenko tried the “The Laws of January 16” on the current government: coincidence is amazing

Nowadays, the laws, which were called by “dictatorial” or “draconian” by media – «The Laws of January 16» – turned three years. Oleksandr Klymenko, the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party, who headed the Ministry of revenue and duties during the adoption of these laws, analysed the legislative ideas of ​​the current government and claimed about significantly more severe provisions in its initiatives. The post with the appropriate comparison was published on the politician’s page on Facebook and caused heated discussion among users.

“It is not enough fingers on both hands to list all the initiatives of the current Parliament aimed at tightening the screws. If anyone has doubts that the Maidan in its “peaceful” manifestation is not possible, you can open the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Ar. 109 – Art. 114 (take-over the government, overthrow of the constitutional order, terrorist attacks, etc.) have been significantly toughen. During the “Yanukovych regime”, it was much more liberal in terms of punishment”, – Klymenko started.

The politician gave some other examples of strengthening of the «draconian» laws by current power.

“During the last 3 years, the investigation has become so politicized that the line between the articles has been erased: actions of protesters, who enter the public building and block its operation, can be qualified as much more severe offence. For instance, overthrow of the constitutional order”, – the leader of the «Uspіshna Kraina» party said.

At the same time, Oleksandr Klymenko gave a recent example of protests by Donbas miners on the West of Ukraine. They entered the building of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine in order to carry out an action of civil disobedience. They were forced to leave, when the police promised to qualify their actions on the basis of the “state” article.

“Extremism” was simply replaced with “separatism” in the resonance laws. Here is the spirit of the times: the power has extremely convenient excuse. It comes about the war in Donbas. Those, who are not satisfied or try to protest somehow will be brought to responsibility on the basis of “convenient” articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine”, – Klymenko analysed.

According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs asks to extend the rights of police (up to absurdity), meanwhile freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are shortened. The Internet is under control, namely, there is a list of banned websites and groups in social networks, correspondence in messengers is under the control of the Security Service of Ukraine. Moreover, inappropriate content – books, movies, video – was banned at the legislative level. One of the “The Laws of January 16” fixed the restrictions on the purchase of Sim-cards of mobile operators. Soon, current government will also sell sim-cards in case of passport presentation.

Petro Poroshenko is clinging to power, but he is walking on a slippery road. There are draftlaws related to slander, special confiscation, limitation of rallies (even «paid» one; it is easy to prove that it was paid for participation in the rally – you can simply publish an ad. on your page in social network searching for a “crowd scene”)”, – Klymenko believes.

According to him, some legislative initiatives of the current government are absolutely absurd.

“The laws, which were cancelled in February 2014, fixed the penalty for public denial of the crimes of fascism. The symmetrical draftlaw the word «fascism» was replaced by «The Holodomor, the Holocaust, and the genocide of the Crimean Tatar People» by MPs. The fines have been increased by 10 times (upper limit – UAH 170 thousand): “pro-russian people” should know that insubordination is expensive! Soon we will get to barbed wire for Donbas”, – the former Minister of revenue and duties stated.

In conclusion, the leader of the “Uspіshna Kraina” party stated: “The nuts are tightened, people are frightened, prisons are full of enemies of the regime, Viktor Yanukovych (confident) wrings his hands and think:  “Wow! I could do the same, did I?!”. However, Petro Poroshenko has not taken into account one thing. It is not 1937 today. If he represses one person, he will set himself against a hundred. The society, which is full of weapons beyond measure, will not ask him to leave peacefully.  Poroshenko has gathered burning coal and put it on his head”.

Link to source: Official Oleksandr Klymenko Facebook page

Photo: daily-news.com.ua