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News | 1273 | 13.01.2017

We have to collect taxes from large financial industry groups, – Klymenko

Oleksandr Klymenko, the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party, stated that income tax can bring billions to the state budget.

He told about it on the air of Radio Vesty during the “Big interview”.

“You can collect the taxes from a person. We offer an alternative – to collect taxes from large financial and industrial groups. We are talking about transfer pricing, which is not included to the budget. It is rather difficult to explain its absence. I have a right to talk about it. In 2013 I was an initiator and driver of these changes. We have discussed the Law with the business, in the Parliament. It was adopted and came into force. In February [2014], the term was postponed for a year, and the whole meaning of the law was eviscerated. It also relates to billions. Each time representatives of the party and I are stating that this area of tax revenue can bring billions. Thus, it will remove fiscal pressure from ordinary citizen and/or entrepreneur”, – he said.

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Klymenko also added that «he has always stood, and I am standing, and I will stand for maximal development of small and medium-sized business”.

“What was it about earlier? A moratorium on inspections of small business – is an initiative that was implemented by my team… As a result, we have received more than 50% growth of the category (small and medium-sized business- ed.), more than 200% increase in payments to the budget. We cancelled the control over cash discipline and replaced it with online service. It was an enormous issue, when representatives of tax agencies were coming and monitoring all the cheques. It was a corrupt machine. All entrepreneurs were complaining. We just changed the procedure of administration and introduced the IT-technologies”, – the former Minister of revenue and duties noted.

According to Klymenko, “state should support (entrepreneurs – ed.) and not to interfere. Support consists from stable rules, which should not be changed each year. And the last, but not the least, is resources, long resources for business development”.

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