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News | 1193 | 10.11.2016

Klymenko showed, how to cut a budget “pie” live

Today during the livestream in Facebook, Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party – hold a meeting with a teacher from Kropivnitsky city. Together with Claudia Nikolayevna the politician discussed problems in education, and «cut out» the draft of the state budget 2017.

A common cake with corresponding inscription became a budget of the country. During the livestream it was divided by the politician into “pieces”, namely, key areas, which are financed by the main country’s turn.

“My economic alternative – it is the state’s investment in a human capital. I defined the main two strategic areas of funding, namely, education and health care”, – Klymenko started.

Funding of education was increased by the politician from 136 billion to 206, funding of health care – from 77 billion to 155.

«Concerning the education: in fact, funds, which were allocated by power, are spent on payment of salaries to teachers, scholarships for students, maintenance of schools and universities, payment for overpriced utilities. Meanwhile, in order not just to «hold the pants on», but really develop education field, it is necessary to increase funding of this sector up to 8% of GDP. In addition, I believe that funds, which are allocated to health care sector, are negligible. We should take into account the fact that our country takes one of the first positions in the world in terms of mortality», – the politician provided reasons for his offer and cut the two biggest pieces of the cake.

The third piece goes to the debt service. “This sector should be reduced from 112 billion to 14.5 billion. In order to do this, we must put the question bluntly before the creditors and say that we will repay debts by a reduced interest rate – 1% (as well as other countries), not current 8%», – Klymenko said.

Among other things, the politician offers to introduce a luxury tax and impose single social contribution on wages more than UAH 40 thousand hryvnia.

“Anyway, why should we borrow money, if we have at home?” – Claudia Nikolayevna complemented the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» and alluded to the sum of cash, which was fixed in e-declarations of Ukrainian authorities.

How many funds should be allocated to defence area and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine according to Klymenko? How many funds should be spent on restoring Donbas and maintenance of senior officials. He also believes that it is possible to increase the country’s budget by 47 percent. You can find more information on his Facebook page.