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News | 1272 | 09.11.2016

Klymenko: What should Ukraine expect for after the Trump victory

With the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, the world should expect for strengthening of trends towards economic nationalism. If Ukraine does not accept it, it takes a risk to become a colony eventually. It was written by Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» on his Facebook page.

“The US citizens made their choice. We can be perplexed, ironic or joyful. However, this is the choice of the country. It comes about the country, which follows its own way… It is time to wake up for Ukraine that is intoxicated with mawkish speeches, which are funded by populist from abroad. Nobody is waiting for us nowhere, we have to live with OWN mind, to develop OWN economy, to support OWN production, to create workplace in OWN country”, – Klymenko wrote.

The politician noted that the administration of the new US President Trump would hardly “take into account the tantrums, tears and snivel of Poroshenko.” In general, according to him, our European partners will play dominant role in terms of “Ukrainian” issue.

According to the leader of the “Uspіshna Kraina”, Poroshenko will be forced to comply with the requirements of Merkel-Hollande. At the same time, Klymenko noted soon there will be elections in Paris and Berlin too. Under the conditions of weak electoral positions of the ruling parties in these countries, Ukraine should expect for maximum inclining to implementation of the Minsk provisions.

“The world has changed tonight. It is time to finally wake up from the deep sleep of illusions for Ukraine “- Klymenko summed up.

The politician emphasized the lack of foresight of the foreign policy of current Ukrainian authorities. Plethora representatives of current power have made a series of critical statements about Trump during the election campaign in the United States. Nowadays, they demonstrate «extravaganza of opportunists and timeservers» in Facebook.