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News | 1100 | 04.11.2016

Klymenko: There was a possibility to retain the value of national currency at UAN 11-15 for one dollar

The value of national currency should have been retained at the level of UAH 11-15 and not allowed to reduce. The power had all instruments for it. Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party – is confident in it. He commented the so-called “falling of the banks” situation and rally of the depositors of the “Mikhailovsky” bank in the centre of Kyiv Bank on November 3, which has ended with clashes with the National Guard of Ukraine.

According to the politician, devaluation of the hryvnia is the main reason for mass closure of banks in Ukraine, which was authorized by authorities.

«In general, Gontareva (with the approval of the President) has closed more than 80 banks. According to my estimates, more than half a million depositors were trapped. Business has lost around UAH 150 billions. The population is amounted to UAH 110 billions. Why did this happen? Brain of authorities is focused on the embezzlement of citizen’s funds, representatives of small and medium-sized business, rather than on effective work for the benefit of the state and resolving of problems. Meanwhile, there was a chance to avoid it», – Klymenko said.

The politician said that commercial banks allocated loans, which were granted for refinancing, to the purchase of foreign currency. In addition, he stated that issue of internal state loan bonds (which were bought by National Bank of Ukraine) in enormous amounts was another reason for mass closure of banks. In other words, they turned on the machine and printed hryvnia. At the same time, Klymenko noted that the government had all instruments for constraining the rate at the level of UAH 11-15.

“It is outrageous that both innocent citizens and business were affected, not the dishonest bankers, who have withdrawn their money to their dummy companies. However, authorities are non in hurry to bring them to justice. Nowadays, moneybox of the Deposit Guarantee Fund is almost empty.  Let me remind, funds, which should be allocated to depositors, have not been included to the budget… I believe that personally Poroshenko should be responsible for this”, – Oleksandr Klymenko summed up.

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