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News | 1277 | 25.11.2016

I am ready to do anything for the end of the war in Donbas, – Klymenko during the meeting in Kharkiv

Yesterday, on November 24, Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» – met with supporters of the political force in Kharkiv. It was stated on the page of the party in Facebook.

In particular, during the meeting, the politician stated about the necessity of the implementation of the Minsk agreements and beginning of negotiations for the end of the conflict. The power is preying on the war and hiding its own incompetence. Oleksandr Klymenko described the course of events in Ukraine this way during the meeting with supporter of the political party in Kharkiv. According to the politician, he is personally ready to carry out negotiations with anyone, who would stop the bloodshed of Ukrainian citizens.

“I will never stop to repeat that politics is not worthy of human blood drop. What are the parents, who get their children in coffins, guilty in? Do they want it? Did current politicians promise it? I am ready to negotiate with anyone just to stop this catastrophe “, – Klymenko said to Kharkiv residents.

In addition, the leader of the “Uspіshna Kraina” told about the Tax Code of the party, which provides fair taxation of oligarchs and incitation of small-sized business, reduction of the VAT on social goods and utility services. Moreover, Klymenko discussed the tariffs and prices with Kharkiv residents. According to him, 87% of the people, who turn to the call-centre of the party, are dissatisfied with the quality of public services for “extortionate bills”.

On the eve of the discussion with Kharkiv residents, Oleksandr Klymenko also met with volunteers of the youth movement of the “Uspіshna Kraina” party. During the online broadcasting, the leader of the political force explained, why did not the President Poroshenko bring a long-expected «visa-free regime» from Brussels, and told about his experience of all negotiations with European counterparts during his operation as a Minister of revenue and duties​.