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News | 1189 | 24.11.2016

Klymenko explained, why should Ukraine thank the EU for refusing to provide «visa-free regime»

Ukraine needs a visa-free regime with the EU. However, it would be wrong decision to introduce it now. Such opinion was expressed by Oleksandr Klymenko – Ukrainian politician, the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party – on his Facebook page after the information about postponement of introducing of the “visa-free regime” for an indefinite time.

As a proof of his words, the politician provided facts and figures related to migratory moods of Ukrainians. Thus, migration of Ukrainians has been growing for the last years due to impoverishment of the population. 139,500 of our citizens worked abroad in 2011. Meanwhile, in 2015 this official figure amounted to 208 thousand (increased by 33%).

According to sociological researches, in the near future 8% (or 3 millions of Ukrainians) are going to get a job in another country. 30% of the polled are looking for workplaces in Poland, 19% in Italy, 15% in the USA, 12% in Russia, 11% in Canada. At the same time, 65% of Ukrainians aged 14-35 years want to go abroad temporarily or permanently.

Klymenko believes that financial capabilities of Ukrainians also play important role in the context of the «visa-free regime» issue. Last year, Ukrainian residents went on vocation rarely (decline by 40%). In 2014 this number decreased by 55% compared with 2013 year (beginning of the Euromaidan)

Here is the question: «Will our citizens go to Europe (even illegally), if the EU make concessions? Unfortunately, yes, they will. Not to have a rest. It comes about permanent residence. Therefore, we should thank the EU for such a decision in the context of state way of thinking and future prospects of our country», – Klymenko wrote.

The leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» noted that in general, Ukrainian authorities should fight not for the «visa-free regime», but for improvement of standards of living in the country. It will influence both on migratory moods, and capacity of Ukrainians to afford to travel to Europe.

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