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News | 1740 | 21.10.2016

“Family talk”: Klymenko discussed adult issues to his nephew live on Facebook

Oleksandr Klymenko – the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» – presented a new format of communication on his Facebook page. The politician invited his nephew Sasha. The boy asked questions on adult issues about politics, economy, Donbas. After that, both of them read questions, which were posed by users. Their dialogue was broadcasting through the social networks via “Live” option.

The first and most frequently asked question for Sasha was the following: “Do Klymenko and his family want to come back to Ukraine?”.  Due to the fact that he had to answer several times, the leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” said that it is pride and honour for him to be Ukrainian. “For me, Ukraine – is a country, which I gave my heart and my soul”.

Why do I want to go back? I do not agree with current situation. I know, how to implement alternative, how should the country look like”, – Klymenko said during the conversation with his nephew. He also added that each day he is working for the good of Ukraine and Ukrainians and, of course, he will come back.

“Do you feel guilty of current situation,” – the boy asked. “Of course, I feel partially guilty of current course of events. During my time as a Minister, I had not enough time to implement all the planned changes and reforms, did not manage to react to the challenges on time. However, on the other hand, I am grateful for this experience, because all the tests make us stronger, lie purifies us, and we go towards our goals more conscious, “- older Klymenko said.

The boy also asked about the reaction of people in case his arrival in the country today (referring to current power). In response to this question the politician gave an example: “Sometimes it happens, when classmates of a child discuss bad things behind his back. After that other children stop talking to him”. According to Klymenko, there is the same situation today. He was accused of all possible things without trial. “It is difficult for them to argue with me about ideas. The level of a lie – is their method. Time will show what really matters. Despite all these things, the idea of a peaceful path, alternative for the country, unite people around me. It comes about people, who are dig their best in order to change situation in the country today» – the politician is confident.

Users were interested in the attitude of the politician towards negotiations of the Normandy Four in Berlin, asked to describe the work of Nasirov, the head of the State Fiscal Service, asked about his shortcomings during his work as a head of the Ministry of revenue and duties​, about his connection with “Vesty media holding”, etc.