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News | 1276 | 16.08.2016

Klymenko told, why did auhorities fail e-declaration by design

Ukrainian authorities failed the project of electronic declaration of officials. Thus, official Kiev has postponed both the IMF loan and visa-free regime sine die. Who is in fault? Why did it happen? Oleksandr Klymenko, the head of the «Uspishna Kraina» party answered these questions on his Facebook page.

Let us remind, when he headed the Ministry of revenue and duties​, he actively advocated for gradual introduction of universal declaration and migration of respective reporting to the Network.

“In theory the declaration should have illuminated the real property status of top officials, plethora security officials, prosecutors, judges. It is fuller and more detailed than “paper” version. It includes even declaration of cash – not to speak of purchase and sale of offshore companies (greetings to the President). The idea is brilliant. It was obvious from the very beginning, “- the politician said.

At the same time, according to him, it was clear and the current Ukrainian authorities do not intend to introduce an electronic system. “Good initiative was successfully buried under a pile of papers. «Scapegoats» from hardly noticeable state institution were accused of all the sins”, – Klymenko said.

The politician considers this institution to be State Special Communication Service of Ukraine, which recently stated that the software was not certified, information cannot be protected by them, error correction requires two months. Meanwhile, since August 15, all the MPs and officials should have started to report on their income and expenses, describing available cash, tangibles and purchases worth over UAH 72 500. In case of concealment, they will be fined UAH 51 000 or sentenced to up to two years.

Earlier, the MPs from Petro Poroshenko Bloc started to make plethora amendments in order to adopt respective draft law not earlier than in 2017 (for maximal postponement of system’s introduction). Later they can delay criminal penalties for submitting false information.

“However, lenders do not want to make their eyes blind in the context of this issue. That time heads on Bankova street were filled with the plan on delegitimizing of the law by the head of State Special Communication Service of Ukraine, – Klymenko describes. – Nobody will be responsible for submitting declaration this way – it means that this is the reason for appeal against any corruption charges”.

The leader of the “Uspіshna Kraina” is confident that the authorities decided to deliberately disrupt the process of introducing of e-declaration. “Not all representatives of surrounding of the president, prime minister, and other “involved” managed to hide their property. Exclusion procedure of corporate rights requires time. Accordingly, sale or assignment of rights to profitable business through offshore requires about a year or even more. Greetings to Roshen “- the former head of the main tax institution of Ukraine stated.

At the same time, according to Klymenko, some of the MPs from the pro-presidential faction, the so-called “eurooptimists”, started to publicly declare about #betrayal after one and a half year of this farce. “The group, which is hiding behind the loud slogans – it has not obtained an access to share-out of loans, but has been sharing grants – is trying to open society’s eyes to # betrayal. Let me remind, it comes about the same party, the same power, by which they were elected. What do they want? Justice? Implementation of the declaration? Visa-free regime? Everything is simple. They want power. And money. Sequence is not important. People in Parliament, in National Anti-Corruption Bureau, in other governmental offices want it. Here is a positional Thimblerig game. For some reasons, Ukrainians always get that glass, where you can find nothing under it», – the leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» summed up.

Let us recall, the “Uspіshna Kraina” party implements the project called «We pay all or no one», where Ukrainians fight against unfairly high taxes, which were introduced by current power. In support of the activities it was published the video called “Head Above Water”. The video demonstrates luxurious life of oligarchs and sinking Ukrainian citizens (eventually, they will be saved and win) in satirical form. At the same time, lawyers of the political force together with representatives of small and medium-sized business are working out an alternative Tax Code, which will work for the good of the people.