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News | 1405 | 23.05.2016

Decommunization: a question of worth

Yesterday 247 MPs voted for the decision to rename the city of Dnepropetrovsk to Dnepr. The decision was made within the framework of general policy of decommunization. It is the only reform, which is carried out by current power with Stakhanov pace. What are the consequence of removing nine letters in the name of the city for its residents? Does Ukraine need such accelerated decommunization?

I believe that decommunization itself as a process of changing the consciousness, psychology, way of thinking and mentality – is correct path, which is really needed. If this process is sustained, not imposed from above.
It is similar to a corporate culture in business: neither system changes in the company can be injected without mental readiness of the team. However, new culture, new way of thinking can not be introduced by directive, to print and hang it above the desktops. The team should understand it itself. It should realize it and implement it into reality!

The same course of events is in the country: it is impossible to change the mentality via changing the signs on the houses. It is important to change consciousness, to teach to respect values and traditions, to develop entrepreneurial culture. The culture of paying taxes. The power as a trendsetter demonstrate it by its own instance. It is obvious that it does not occur in such way.

Instead of it, Ukraine is decommunizated by a real communist swoop: we will catch up and overtake. It is the best precepts of communism. By all means. The opinion of the Ukrainians is not always taken into account. As always, consequences are not predicted. Nowadays, in addition to all the problems and difficulties, there are more problems with the bureaucracy, namely, to change the passport, forms, change the signs on houses, etc.
Do not you think that we should deal with the economy and bureaucracy before the communism?

Concerning the money. It costs extremely expensive for the country. The law covers about 1.5 million titles (banned Soviet placenames). 459 cities, 900 villages and 28.5 thousand villages should obtain new names. Plus, the streets in the settlements.

Only replacement of signs and plates in Kiev and major regional centres will cost UAH tens of millions. For instance, Dnepropetrovsk, I mean Dnepr, has already renamed 290 placenames. Moreover, it is preparing to rename another 100, including, the name of the city itself. The price of one sign is UAH 300. There are 50 houses at one street. The total budget is amounted of about UAH 6 million. Kharkiv will spend about UAH 10 million on decommunization, Odessa – UAH 7 million, Zaporozhye – UAH 4 million. According to various estimates, the country will spend from UAH 4.5 to 6 billion.

This is not the end. In addition, it is necessary to reprint maps and guides, to write new addresses in “Ukrposhta”, to change train schedule, road signs, stamps of registration in passports, new forms of public institutions.

What could we do with this money?

We could solve the problem with social benefits for IDPs and residents of uncontrolled territories (the EU and the IMF claim such requirements to Ukrainian authorities). International community does not want to deal with a country that ignores its social obligations.

We could repair two main highways: Kyiv – Odessa and Kyiv – Kharkiv. Qualitative highway would provide an opportunity to use transit potential of the country and would contribute to the revitalization of the business climate. It would be possible to finance the annual Ukrainian need for cancer treatment of adults. The opening of the network of medical rehabilitation centres would establish high-quality early diagnosis of cancer. It would mean, saved lives, and reduction of the cost of treatment of patients.

It would be possible to provide vocational training system. Eventually, it would be possible to fund the rearmament of the military.

Not only the state will pay for de-communization. Business will also do.

It comes about changing of the constituent documents, production of the new seals and stamps, new forms and signs, new shooting of commercials videos and printing of advertising products.

In addition, losses from downtime. If hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs change their data, the State Registration Service will be paralyzed by queues. At the same time, neither transaction will be made with an old seal will. Thus, each contract can be disputed in court.

Finally, the business will spend on the rebranding of its nomenclature. After all, the scope of the law on decommunization covers not only the streets and the cites, but also the names of companies and products.
For instance, the first part of the name of favourite Ukrainian “Artyomovsk champagne” is prohibited by law on decommunization. The city, where the plant is located, has already been renamed in Bakhmut. The second part, according to an agreement with the European Union, is required to be called as “sparkling wine”.

So one stroke of the pen devalued all investments of the companies in the creation and promotion of its brand. In addition, it forces to male unplanned re-branding, which requires working capital.

Producers, which have to incur new expenses on branding and advertising, will include these costs in the price of goods. According to preliminary calculations, the production of the enterprises with “wrong” names will rise by 1.5%.

How is it important or necessary to carry out all these steps so fast and with such impudence? Especially nowadays, when both Ukrainian business, and the state itself are on the edge of survival.
The national economy is stagnating and can not provide the state with all the needs via its taxes. Therefore, the well-being of millions of Ukrainians depends on foreign loans.

Our country walks with outstretched hand over the world in order not to stretch its legs.
The ongoing armed conflict requires enormous expanses. War – is a very expensive thing.

The social security system is experiencing a tremendous additional burden due to the need for supporting new privileged categories of citizens – internally displaced persons, as well as ATO and their families.

In this situation, a rational expenditure of public funds has paramount importance. Every penny from the state budget should be spent in order to bring the maximum effect in solving the urgent problems. It should provide a basis for future economic prosperity.

It would be like this, if there were people in power with state thinking.

Money, which could alleviate the plight of the citizens, who require it or create workplaces through public investments into prosperous projects, is spent on a large-scale propaganda. People are brainwashed, instead of supporting them and providing them with some confidence in their future.

Nowadays, Ukraine is ruled by populists, who are ready to jeopardize the prospects of the country for the sake of their short-term political ambitions and dishonest profit.

They will get it as long as we keep silence and agree with everything.
Do not you think that it is time to break the silence?