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News | 1264 | 13.04.2016

Klymenko explained what will be changed for Ukrainians with the new government

Current government prefers more to resolve “selfish” interests, and division of spheres of influence for the sake of their own enrichment rather than to establish peace in Donbas, stabilization of hryvnia and development of national production. Such opinion was expressed by Oleksandr Klymenko, a leader of the «Uspishna Kraina» party, on his Facebook page. In order to confirm his words, the politician described the process of rotation of power today.

“It was second day of trading for the seats. “Checkerboards” were torn by Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Groisman. They were nervously drinking a water (sometimes stronger beverages). Tension of the situation was higher than during the final football match. First Groisman terminated negotiations. Later he rejected the post. One hour later he accepted it again. Each time rates were rising and the eyes were full of ardor”- Klymenko said.

True “scale of the tragedy,” becomes clear after analysis of the list of ministers, which was demonstrated by the President.

“Is Vinnytsia so perspective area of technocrats? How it could be that two former deputy mayor occupied the highest positions? Are there any other economists, besides the investment bankers (respectable people), who are connected with foreign capital? There are at least three such people in the new Cabinet! Obviously, personnel bench of the president is so short that he has no other places, where he can find better ministers instead of those, who were discredited by the work of the previous government”, – the politician said.

According to Klymenko, due to this fact, a content and essence of fierce bargaining sounds rather ridiculous: «The Cabinet tries to hire «own» people in order to share cash flows more comfortable».

“However, all these” checkerboard”, “preliminary options”, “coordinated packages” and the giant geysers on Jupiter have an equal importance for IDP from Donbas or unemployed person. After all, the real problems of ordinary Ukrainians are not solved. Moreover, it is exacerbated aggravated”, – Oleksandr Klymenko said.

The leader of the political force, which is truly (not in words) is concerned about the problems of Ukrainian population believes that people, who will get a power, are not a matter. “It will not change anything for ordinary Ukrainian” – the politician summed up.

The “Uspіshna Kraina” party – is a national political force, which stands for the own path of development of Ukraine based on the principles of Christian morality, respect for civil rights, restoration of law and order, development of innovative economy, providing each citizen with opportunities for self-realization. Oleksandr Klymenko – Ukrainian politician and public figure – is an honorary head of the party.

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