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News | 1902 | 30.03.2016

Oleksandr Klymenko explained, why did the “New Silk Road” become a shame for the country

A “New Silk Road”, which was widely promoted by government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, aimed at connecting Ukraine and China bypassing the Russia, had to become a bright victory of the country. As a result, this initiative became one of the greatest economic failures of current government. Such an opinion was expressed by Oleksandr Klymenko, the head of “Uspіshna Kraina” party, on his official Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, the State Fiscal Service officially assured the foreign country’s business partners that Ukraine would plan to expand the infrastructure of the “New Silk Road”. Moreover, it was stated that the most optimal routes have already been worked out. However, this week, a research center Logistics Zammler noted that train got stuck on the border of China and Kazakhstan due to the absence of the clients, who would upload it on the way back. At the same time, the experts can not predict even possible departure date. Although, earlier the “Ukrzaliznytsia” promised the train would come back to Ukraine on March 15-17. The politician analyzed the reasons for this situation.

First of all, the lack of customers is related to the length of the “New Silk Road”, Oleksandr Klymenko said. “Cabinet has announced that the train will pass the route for 11-12 days. However, it reached Chinese borders only after 15.5 days. Meanwhile, the train will pass the route through Russia during only 6-8 days,” – he wrote.

In addition, Ukrainian project is too expensive for potential customers. Klymenko recalls that the train crosses two seas, enters four ports, and use special ferry in order to transport carriages on the water. “The cost of shipping of one container via this route is around $ 5,5 thousand. It is $ 1,6 thousand more expensive than transporting through Russia”, – Klymenko said.

The leader of «Uspіshna Kraina» believes that irregularity of trips plays important role. Due to this factor, companies are not able to plan the loading of cargo and, therefore, guarantee an accurate delivery dates to customers.

“Accordingly, nobody wants to deal with this dubious project “, – the politician made a conclusion. Leader of “Uspіshna Kraina” reminds that we have to modernize the infrastructure (in particular, roads, ports, loading and unloading equipment, ferries) in order to fully implement this project.

“Nobody tells how much money was spent on gamble with a test train. According to estimates, expenses compose UAH several hundred million. Insane squandering against the backdrop of a flaming Donbas and absolute chaos in economy.” – Oleksandr Klymenko summed up.

Let us remind, on January 15, Ministry of Infrastructure together with “Ukrzaliznytsya” have launched mock route of a container train on the “New Silk Road”. In Kazakhstan the container train was lost. However, later it was found. After 15.5 days it arrived in China. At the same time, experts from Zammler think that this result is rather positive. Moreover, they predict that such a “record” will not be repeated by Ukrainian project due to the fact that the train was moving without customs checks at a single tariff “from point to point” (thanks to agreements signed earlier). Expert’s fears are increasing due to two phase of the route through the sea: the train is transported by ferries through the sea. It comes about four ports. Arrival at ports is possible only by special equipment with a number of questions. In addition, there is a high possibility of bad weather conditions at sea.: it is often stormy in winter.

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