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News | 1492 | 16.03.2016

“Uspіshna Kraina” party helps Ukrainians to solve their problems

“Uspіshna Kraina” political party, which is headed by Oleksandr Klymenko, announced about the launch of the project #Who_will_decide – series of videos about difficulties, which Ukrainians face with in relations with authorities. The main feature of the project and its difference from journalistic investigations is the fact that the volunteers of the party will not just talk about the problems, but also they will search ways to resolve it together with the citizens.

In order to prepare the first edition of the project, team #Who_will_decide attended Kramatorsk in Donetsk region. Volunteers decided to start with one of the most painful issues, which directly or indirectly has affected more than a million Ukrainians. It comes about the attitude of current government to internally displaced IDPs from Donbas.

“Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers has cancelled social benefits and pensions for 150 000 IDPs, who live in frontline cities in the conflict zone by its Regulation. Legal evaluation of this solution is univocal – it is discrimination of the rights of Ukrainian citizens! We will demonstrate that violation of the rights of one Ukrainian, is an egregious injustice to all citizens. It is simple. Today other people are on his/her place…”, – Oleksandr Klymenko – leader of the party –  wrote on his official Facebook page.

Due to freezing of social benefits, state forces its citizens to come through the humiliating and endless bureaucratic procedures in order to confirm IDP’s status of IDPs. At the same time, according to communication of volunteers with people, current situation perturbs not only IDPs, but also officials.

However, “price of the matter” for the government – is about UAH 30 billion. It is an amount of annual pension payments and social benefits to IDPs, which is intended to be spent in order to to compensate the Pension Fund deficit.

According to the original plan of the authorities, IDPs were expected for total re-registration. However, taken into account that the number of IDPs in Ukraine has already exceeded 1.7 million people, government said that it would create … “enormous burden” on local officials. As a result, it was decided to freeze social payments as long as the person proves his/her right to it. Such approach has led hundreds of thousands of IDPs on the edge of survival due to the fact that they can not reside at the place of registration.

Representatives of Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Social Policy appeal to the existence of “strange” addresses, where plethora IDPs are registered. Thus, there is a house in Severodonetsk, where 7.5 thousand people are registered. The same situation is in Izum (Kharkiv region), where 3.3 thousand people were registered.

However, according to volunteers of the party, two years ago, when people were moving from Donetsk and Luhansk regions due to destroyed houses, government allowed them to register on the same addresses. Moreover, such houses (like in Izum and Severodonetsk) and dozens of other places along the demarcation line were written in profiles, which were distributed among IDPs.

“The reason for current problems of IDPs is bureaucratization and, in fact, existence of «serfdom» – activists of the party summed up. “Uspіshna Kraina” party is going to find solution to current problems of IDPs.

Activists of the party note that they launched #Who_will_decide project in order to bring justice and find solutions to current problems, which were created by current government. At the same time, the problem of social benefits – it is only a tiny part of the problems that have accumulated in authorities. Parties receive dozens of complaints of citizens and requests for assistance in various issues every day. In particular, it comes about tax chaos, corruption during the process of registration in educational and preschool institutions, arbitrariness of local authorities, etc.

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