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News | 1368 | 28.01.2016

73.6% of Ukrainians support Oleksandr Klymenko’s position

90% of Ukrainians advocate for peace in Donbas. However, they believe that current Ukrainian authorities are not able to provide it. Such data were obtained as part of the #ASK project, which was carried out during 4 months (from September 2015) on the initiative of Oleksandr Klymenko – politician, honorable head of the “Uspіshna Kraina” party –  Oleksandr Klymenko and covered more than 5 million Ukrainian online users.

Within the framework of the project, urgent issues on current socio-political agenda, as well as the politician’s position concerning it were published in social networks and website. According to the results of vote, point of view of 73.6% of Ukrainians completely coincides with the vision of the ways of reforming the country, which are offered by Oleksandr Klymenko.

Thus, according to the results of the project, 92% of the project participants require the preservation of the simplified tax system for small and medium-sized business. Overall, 95% of Ukrainians are categorically against the tax reform, which is implemented by government. 70% of Ukrainians agree that corruption is a major threat to Ukraine. At the same time, 65% of Ukrainians believe that there is a need for establishing a law and order in the country. They are demanding to stop such illegal methods, which are used by such radical organizations as “Praviy sector”.

In addition, Ukrainians were against such government initiatives as the sale of land at auction before the removal of the moratorium (80%), open carry (a firearm in public) (70%), sanctions against Russian airlines and the prohibition of direct flights (76%), holding a referendum on joining NATO (61%). Opinions concerning the legalization of casinos in Ukraine, need for energy blockade of the Crimea, mass dismissal of employees of law enforcement bodies of are divided among Ukrainians.

“Nowadays, Ukrainian government is living in a kind of parallel reality. It can not hear about standards of living of Ukrainians and their aspirations.

I can observe it each day, while I am talking to people. I can see it as the results of the project. That is why we have launched it. Consequently, everyone can express their opinion in order to make each voice become important “, – Oleksandr Klymenko stated.

The politician stressed that the #ASK project was implemented not to give advice to the authorities. Its goal – is to form a real program of action based on the expectations and vision of the Ukrainians.

“I’m not going to give pieces of advice to the authorities. They are not able to implement it – neither mine, nor yours, nor even the IMF. 80% of Ukrainians, who took part in the project, do not trust the authorities. Another 97% do not consider it to be the representatives of the Ukrainian patriots. What can we say after such statements? We have to think about the actions after dismissal of people, who have accidentally obtained the power. I have no doubts that they will leave. The sooner they leave, the greater benefit they will bring for the country”, –  politician said.

By the end of 2015, 92% of Ukrainians state that they have become poorer over the last year. Their welfare has deteriorated significantly. Another 52% believe that the life will be worse during current year. 86% of Ukrainians agree that it has become more difficult to do business over the last year. 87% do not trust the national currency. They believe that hryvnia will continue falling.

At the same time 79% of Ukrainians do not believe that the opening of European markets will improve the welfare of citizens. Approximately the same amount (70%) believe that Ukraine was not ready for the abolition of a free trade zone with Russia. At the same time, Ukrainians are optimistic – 67% believe that the country will be able to get out of the crisis.

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