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News | 1344 | 14.01.2016

“Marathon for good” brought presents to children of foster families and orphanges from Donbas

56 children of IDPs from Donbas received gifts for the New Year holidays due to caring Ukrainians. They felt our love, warmth and attention.  These are the results of the charity «Marathon for good» on raising funds for Donbas orphans and children deprived of parental care. It was carried out by community initiative “Restoring Donbas”, together with the political party “Uspіshna Kraina”.

Fundraising was held for families and children’s homes of Donetsk, Makiyivka, Snezhnoe, Yenakiyevo, Khartsyzsk and Avdeevka. They left the uncontrolled territories of Donbas and their homes. Nowadays, they are in desperate need for assistance and financial support. In addition to native children in these families there are 2, 3, and sometimes more than 5 adopted. However, some families, such as Stavtsevy family from Donetsk, adopted two girls during the war (July 2014) in order to save them from hostilities.

Nowadays, these families and children are living in Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnitsky, Transcarpathian, Sumy region. Some of them, after several moves, were forced to return to their native city. For instance, the family of Victoria Mylakowa and Igor Mezhonnogo after a temporary stay in a peaceful Sviatogorsk came back to Avdeevka (which us usually under fire) due to financial problems.

The organizers reminded that it is possible to provide assistance to children and children’s homes even after the end of the action. More details for assistance are available on the website of the community initiative “Restoring Donbas”.

In addition, there is a section “Virtual offices of mutual aid” on the website of the initiative. It is Ukraine’s first electronic project, which allows volunteers and people who need help to talk to each other directly, without the mediation of third parties.  Anyone, who is not indifferent, can respond to a request for assistance to IDPs or residents of ATO.