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News | 1208 | 13.01.2016

Budget revenues in 2015 have increased exceptionally due to inflation, devaluation of the uan and new taxes – expert

Tax revenues in the consolidated budget have increased by UAH 162 billion or 38.1% compared to revenues in 2014. It was claimed by fiscal authorities. However, it is not the result of reforms, but inflation, which has reached a historic maximum for the first time in 20 years. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko – ex-Minister of revenues and duties, honorary head of the party “Uspіshna Kraina” on his Facebook page.

“Here is the question: how did Fiscal Service demonstrate “economic miracle” on the background of the general crisis, the fall of GDP by 12% and GDP (PPP) per capita by 40%, while consumer prices have increased by 79%, etc.? The recipe is not really intricate: inflation + devaluation “- Klymenko says.

Let us recall, according to State Statistics Service, inflation in Ukraine in 2015 has increased to 43.3% and has reached a maximum over the past 20 years. Ukrainian hryvnia has devalued by 52.2% or by 200% for the past two years. It is the highest index in Europe and the CIS.

“It is clear that business not only did not develop, but barely survived under such conditions, namely, on the background of the war, the economic blockade of Donbas and breaking ties with the Crimea. Exactly this unbearable tax burden for many entrepreneurs became the final nail, “- Klymenko says.

According to the politician, the main source of budget revenues – are revenues from corporate income tax. It has decreased. It is not surprising, since according to the State Statistics Service, the loss of large and medium-sized enterprises during first nine months of 2015 amounted to UAH 341.3 billion.

“Against the background of the general catastrophic situation, the outflow of capital from Ukraine abroad has no been stopped. A law on the control of transfer pricing in large enterprises, which erode profits through the so-called tax havens, was just ignored by fiscal authorities in 2015,” – the former Minister analyzes.

At the same time, the amount of VAT refund has increased by UAH 25.1 billion, or 58%, compared with the 2014 year. However, under the condition of reducing the export of goods in 2015 by nearly 32%, it should have been reduced.

According to the data, which was published by Klymenko, under the condition of decrease of imports of goods by a third in 2015, taxpayers have paid VAT on goods imported into the territory of Ukraine for UAH 31.5 billion more than in 2014, the excise tax – UAH 21.5 billion, import duties (taking into account the additional import duty) – UAH 28.8 billion. Thus, 59.8% of the growth of income has been received by taxes on imports of goods “thanks” to the devaluation of the hryvnia and the introduction of additional import duty.

Additional charges have been provided by the introduction of new taxes on citizens (on the recommendation of the IMF). In particular, it comes about an excise tax – 5% of the cost of excise goods that are sold at retail (+8 billion), tax on incomes of pensioners over UAH 3654 per month (+ 1 billion), “temporary” military tax (+6, 5 billion).

We have previously reported that the State Fiscal Service has collected UAH 587.1 billion taxes in the consolidated budget in 2015 (UAH 162 billion, or 38.1% more than in 2014).