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News | 1367 | 12.12.2015

Speech of Oleksandr Klymenko during the party congress “Uspishna kraina”

All of you are seeking the truth. However, you do not want to admit it.

You want the truth. However, you refuse to believe in it.

All of you dream about better future. However, you do nothing in order to bring it closer.

You find it easier to live in a world of illusions. Otherwise, you’ll have to be honest: fear, threats and disasters have thrown you into the arms of random people.

People, who manipulate you. Cynics, who use the country for their own selfish interests.

I understand you. After all, you voted for the slogans, which are close to your heart.

You wanted to believe. You were lied. On fast reforms. On cardinal changes. On certain European land, which you follow up.

Your faith was strengthened by hatred. It was created an image of the enemy – the enemy inside the country and abroad.

Instead of faith, hope and love, you were given the hatred and fear.

Meanwhile, the real enemies crept up silently. On the other hand. They occupied government offices. They began to control you and impose their criminal will under the guise of good intentions!

While your life goes downhill incredibly quickly, your doubts are drowned in a warm bath of propaganda. Your reality is distorted by lie. The friend you feel the enemy, faithful wife – a traitor.

Think about the last two years. Do you remember how did you drive unpleasant thoughts away from you? How did you afraid to raise your eyes and see the truth? How did you keep silence when you wanted to shout?

However, you were told: say nothing! You were told: do not think! You were told: there is a war!

During the war, doubts – is betrayal. Critique – is a diversion. Unpleasant questions – is weakness.

However, not only alive call on questions. Those who have died, might ask: for what did we die? Why did they betray us? Who is responsible for this? It does not matter who they were. Peaceful people or soldiers. From Kiev or Donetsk. From the Crimea or Lviv. From Vinnytsia or Odessa.

The only thing is important: they were Ukrainians. They had to live.

Our duty is – to achieve peace and prosperity for Ukraine.

This dreamed about it. We dream about it.

We have to find our own way for the sake of us. We have to build a strong, successful country. Finally, we have to to gain real independence.

Nowadays, we are flying in a plane, called Ukraine. However, this is not a flight. It is a free fall. Professional pilots were removed, while the terrorists seized the steering wheel.

International dispatchers try to land the plane (at least). Recently, they believed they could save us. However, nowadays they care about one thing, namely, they want this pile of metal not to fall on the heads of their citizens.

The fate of those, who are in this plane, – is a secondary issue!

But not for us, for Ukrainians!

We are not guests on this land. We live here. We believe in our future, our children’s future here.

I could talk about common and popular things. On the high prices for food. On exorbitant utility rates. On bad roads. About medicine out of reach.

All the politicians are doing it. They are advised to do so. They obtain the sympathy of gullible voters like this. They manipulate people before the election in such manner.

I will not do it!

This is a road to nowhere.

After the one elections, there will be the second. Has at least one problem been solved?!

No! It is only consequences. I would like to talk about the reasons.

Today, I talk and I will talk about the unpopular things.

I want to be proud of my country. I want my children to live here. I want people all over the world to pronounce the word “Ukraine” with respect. I want the Ukrainian passports to be impressive, not compassionate.

Do you want the same things?

We have such right!

Ten centuries ago, we have been a key European state! We were the important subject of the history. Nowadays, we are driving away to the periphery.

We not only allow them to do it, but we admire it!

We are bowing down to the creditors. We unreservedly accept their onesided conditions.

We have lost our dignity. We are cultivating a sense of inferiority! We have lost our own way. We have allowed to do it with us by OURSELVES!!

I say – ENOUGH!

If we want to be respected, it’s time to stop this chaos. It’s time to find our own way. It’s time to bring our house in order.

Only strong ones can be respected in the world!

Nowadays, Ukraine is weak as never before!

Our economy is on the verge of collapse. Our citizens have moved to other countries. The ones, who have left, want to depart too.

Donbas is bleeding. Crimea has loudly shut the door.

What about us?

There is only faith!!!

The power of faith has helped us to obtain statehood. Orthodox traditions have helped to keep it. I believe we can reborn again on this spiritual basis.

I’m talking about the Ukrainian state! On the political nation!!!

We can lose the embodied dream of our ancestors. However, we are sitting on the one place and think that neighbors have worse situation.

This is the logic of smalltown shopkeepers.

We are Ukrainians – we are a great nation!

There is a blood of proud and unbroken people inside of us!

We have absorbed the Cossack will, strength, courage and bravery!

Why do we allow others to define our destiny? Why do we deny our own Ukrainian identity? Why do not we have our own path?

Somebody strives to assimilate to Europe. Others would like to see our country as a part of the “Russian world”.

Both ideologies are imposed from outside.

However, we must remember that we have our own, unique historical path. Our unique identity.

It organically combines European ideas of civil liberty and private initiative with Slavic spirituality and respect for traditional values.

It is like two halves of a whole thing. We can not just cut off one of them.

Yes, we are different. However, we are equal. We are united.

It was like this, and so it would be!

We are not an outpost and checkpoint! Our mission – is to connect the civilizations! Once again – they just try to find more convenient territory for crash of our plane. But we will die too!

Dispatchers will be awarded the medals for valor and honor, for Merit to the Fatherland. However, alas, it comes about not our motherland…

Nobody, except us, will serve it ….

Our main problems – are in our heads!

They could not deprive us of power. They could make people to forget about it.

We have lost a foreign target, memory, faith and path due to someone else will.

What does get in the way of having it again?

First of all, it comes about a total lack of professionalism of power! Random people occupied high positions. They can not think strategically. They are unable to set the goals. They do not know how to take responsibility. They are not used to fulfill the promises.

The second problem – is corruption! It does not come about specific people and surnames. It is a tradition and esprit de corps. People want to obtain power for the money. Elections have turned into business projects.

As a result, we have a weak state!

Is there any power in Ukraine today? It is absent! Nowadays, nobody trusts in state institutions – starting from the plumbing to public servant!

You can ask any representative of tax service. Is his head authoritative for him/her?


Can this head demand not to take bribes?


Why? He is stealing too! If there are two options, namely, words and instance, we always choose an instance.

Ask the representative of tax service (I am sure that our law enforcement agencies have already done it): “Did Klymenko demand bribes from someone?”

No! There is no such people! That’s why I had a right to suppress it. I firmly eradicated scammers from my team!

How to build a strong state? A strong, successful Ukraine? How to create an order out of chaos, and a success from the order?

A strong state – it is the equality of all people before the law. The power will be respected when it will carry out its functions.

A strong state – it is a place, where no one will come to you and will not take your business!

A strong state – it is a place, where a person starting a business is able to build longterm plans.

A strong state – it is when we teach our children the profession. It comes about the situation, when we are confident that they will find work in their fields.

A strong state – it is when each citizen says proudly: I am Ukrainian!

Which actions will be primarily carried out?

Firstly, it comes about the increasing the level of the authority of the executive power through the election of its regional representatives.

Secondly, it comes about the judicial reform with a real election of judges, their independence from the President and the Parliament.

Third, it comes about a tax reform aimed at business support, instead of destroying it.

We will do our best in order to support community activity, attract volunteers and public to solve social problems, to initiate the fight against corruption, to maintain meticulous control of power by civil and expert organizations.

All these reforms are designed to strengthen our core and the most valuable resource, namely, human capital. If people and their interests are highpriority issue, the country will be successful.

You can say that it is impossible for Ukraine.

In my life I have often said – this is impossible!

I am often told “this is impossible”.

I have always proved – there is no impossible things.

The main thing – is not to be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, take a broader look at the situation.

They narrow our horizons. They limit our possibilities.

None of our socalled strategic partners need a prosperous and competitive Ukraine.

It is easy to understand: they do not use their recipes in their own countries!

They do not need a competitor, they want a colony.

Today, we are played by them! We are like puppets in the puppet theater.

We must become real players! We have to remember, who we are, who were ten centuries ago.

We have to have our own way. To live by our own rules. To follow our own values.

Cooperation instead of conflict, trade instead of war, limiting pragmatism instead of populist utopias – for the sake of a single Ukrainian nation!

Our goal – is to improve the quality of the national economy. Only economically strong state can be truly independent!

Unfortunately, all things are ineffective in our country. In particular, starting from energy, agriculture and ending with the quality of knowledge! Increasing the efficiency of any process, we increase our competitiveness!

Our country is really reach in natural resources. We have rather good infrastructure and powerful intellectual potential.

We have to become a country, which attracts personnel and capital (not vice versa).

We must create the conditions for the selfrealization of the Ukrainians in their own country. They should not stand with outstretched hand all over the world!

A state should fight against the poverty, but not to save on social programs.

We must keep abreast of the global economy, anticipating trends of the tomorrow. We have to conquer our place via the mind, not the raw materials and the money of IMF.

You might repeat: «It is impossible».

I will answer this way: Did anyone try to do it?

Politicians want to obtain power with one goal – to fill their pocket!

They have forgotten that power is service! It is serving to Ukraine and its citizens!

It is deeply ingrained in the Orthodox morality. It is my morality. My faith and my values do not allow me to derogate from my beliefs!

I know there is plethora myths around me. They are afraid of me.

However, there is no heavier weapon that the truth.

I’ll be the voice of Ukrainians, who are not heard today!

I’ll be the hand that directs Ukraine – directs from chaos to order. From the order – to success!

Come together! Come with me! I will fight for everyone!

Nowadays, there are thousands of us. Tomorrow – there are hundreds of thousands. The day after tomorrow – there are millions.

We are not scared. We take the responsibility. We will lead our country to succeed.

There is no one else.

Ukraine – it’s you. Ukraine – it’s me. We are Ukraine!