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News | 1435 | 12.12.2015

Oleksandr Klymenko became the head of “Uspishna Kraina” party and presented his vision of ukrainian future

Oleksandr Klymenko – the ex-minister and founder of community initiative “Restoring Donbas” – was chosen as the head of the political party “Uspishna Kraina”. This decision was made by delegates at the 8th Extraordinary Congress of the Party, which was arranged to-day, December 12, in Kiev.

During the congress, delegates from 21 Ukrainian regions also elected the Presidency, a po-litical Council and Executive Committee, approved the ideology and program of a political party. Marina Dedusheva – experienced public manager and expert in finance – was elected as the head of the party.

“Nowadays, we are flying in a plane, called Ukraine. However, this is not a flight. It is a free fall. Professional pilots were removed, while the terrorists seized the steering wheel. Interna-tional dispatchers try to land the plane (at least). Recently, they believed they could save us. However, nowadays they care about one thing, namely, they want this pile of metal not to fall on the heads of their citizens. The fate of those, who are in this plane, – is a secondary issue! But not for us, for Ukrainians! We are not guests on this land. We live here. We be-lieve in our future, our children’s future here”, – Oleksandr Klymenko said during his speech in front of the delegates and all Ukrainians.

According to him, if Ukrainians want to be respected, it is time to stop this chaos. It’s time to find our own way. It’s time to bring in our house in order”.

Among the main reasons, which get in the way of Ukraine to become a strong and success-ful state, Klymenko pointed out a total lack of professionalism of authorities and corrup-tion. “Is there any power in Ukraine today? It is absent! Nowadays, nobody trusts in state institutions – starting from the plumbing to public servant!”, – politician said.

According to him, in order to build a strong and successful Ukraine, it is necessary to in-crease the level of the authority of the executive power through the election of its regional representatives. Secondly, it comes about the judicial reform with a real election of judges, their independence from the President and the Parliament. Third, it comes about a tax re-form aimed at business support, instead of destroying it”. If people and their interests are high-priority issue, the country will be successful!», — Klymenko said.

“Our program of reforms is aimed at improving standards of living, creating of competitive education system, availability and quality of medical services for the citizens, preserving and increasing our cultural heritage. All these reforms are designed to strengthen our core and the most valuable resource, namely, human capital. If people and their interests are high-priority issue, the country will be successful”- Klymenko said.

In addition, Oleksandr Klymenko presented his vision of Ukraine’s future, which can be cre-ated due to the implemented reforms.

VIDEO «Ukraine 2020»

He called on Ukrainians to be united in order to bring the country to order and success. “I know that there is plethora myths around me. They are afraid of me. However, there is no heavier weapon that the truth. I’ll be the voice of Ukrainians, who are not heard today! I’ll be the hand that directs Ukraine – directs from chaos to order. From the order – to success! Come together! Come with me! I will fight for everyone! Nowadays, there are thousands of us. Tomorrow – there are hundreds of thousands. The day after tomorrow – there are mil-lions. Ukraine – it’s you. Ukraine – it’s me. We are Ukraine! — Klymenko said, referring to the Ukrainians.

Let us remind that one of the last large-scale actions of “Uspіshna Kraina” was the project “Why do I vote,” which was arranged by the organization on the eve of local elections in 2015. The campaign had been interviewed more than 200 thousand people from all regions of Ukraine. It has allowed the organization to predict that more than 13 million Ukrainians would not participate in elections. They are disappointed in the elections and can not find a leader. They are disappointed in the actions of the authorities and all politicians.