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News | 1420 | 16.11.2015

Ukrainians should find their path to success by themselves, – Oleksandr Klymenko

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, there is no absolute confidence that this monstrous tragedy will not be repeated in any other country tomorrow. Thus, Ukrainians must be united, strong, cohesive. We have to find ways of reconciliation with each other and establish order in the country. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko – Ukrainian politician, ex-minister – during the presentation of his book «Path to Success. How to change the system without changing yourself».

The politician had an online conversation with readers of his book in the studio in Odessa and Irpen. He also answered the questions of Ukrainian journalists.

“It is time to understand that no one will come and carry out all the reforms, no one will resolve the conflict, no one will overcome the poverty. Both Europe and the whole world is too busy with their own problems. We have to work by ourselves. We must find a way out of the crisis, to find the path to success. The future of our country is in the hands of Ukrainians. Only together we can defy the agenda. I would like to invite everyone, who loves Ukraine, who want our country to have a future to my tea, “- Klymenko said.

His book was called “a practical course of public management”. It is based on 10 years of experience in the implementation of reforms and innovations. The politician promised to send the book to the president, representatives of the government, deputies, on order to represent them a rough understanding of how to work for the good of our country.”

According to Oleksandr Klymenko, the book specifically tells about how “to carry out successful reforms, overcoming enormous resistance of the system, avoiding the risk to become a part of it.” Let us remind that Klymenko have introduced a number of reforms and innovations in the tax area, in particular, electronic reporting, the law on transfer pricing, a moratorium on business inspections, etc.

Concerning a reporter’s question about the need to restart the Parliament via elections, Oleksandr Klymenko stated that current Parliament does not correspond with the challenges and demands, which were defined by Ukrainian on the elections.

“Elections must be about a fight of ideas. So that the people can really choose, which idea is better, whom to vote for. Nowadays, virtually all parties claim about violations and the use of administrative resources. Corruption starts at the polling point. It is also necessary to restart opaque electoral law together with reboot the Parliament. If the elections are opaque, there is no political responsibility of those, who get a power, “- Klymenko stated. According to the politician, current authorities have no understanding of the responsibility for the country’s future, long-term plan for its development.

During the conversation with journalists, Klymenko said that his book outlines effective recipe, which can help to fight against conversion centers, which are known (but not used) to the new leadership of the tax service. He also described how did he act in the context of a multi-million-dollar bribe, which he was offered for refusal of the law on transfer pricing.

The politician promised that everyone can get a book for free via filling out an application online on the website http://oleksandr-klymenko.com/put-k-uspekhu.