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News | 1646 | 01.10.2015

Oleksandr Klymenko: My heart is always with Ukraine

Oleksandr Klymenko had a chat with Facebook users, where he said that he loves Ukrainian cuisine, called on doing sport and promised to register the trademark “Tigers of Klymenko.”

“My heart is always with Ukraine, my actions are always devoted to the benefit of my country. Everything else – it’s temporary tests, which will be overcomed”, – the politician wrote in response to a user’s question (why does he not in Ukraine?).

Concerning the issue, who will pay for Donbas restoring, Klymenko is sure that nowadays we have to restore the economy of the whole Ukraine (not individual regions).

“My position – is to find the common contact points rather than division and hatred … Donbas – is Ukraine! Concerning the sources for the restoration of the economy, there are plethora untapped reserves, which are working not in favor of Ukrainian economy. For instance, the law on transfer pricing (which was adopted in 2013) does not work today”, – politician said.

In addition, Klymenko commented on issues of tax policy and Fiscal Services work. Thus, according to the politician, UAH 8 billion have been withdrawn through the electronic system of VAT during a year. In general, debt of the state to the business is UAH 100 billion (taking into account the negative value of the VAT). Ukrainian entrepreneurs from the middle class “will included into the Red Book soon,” because, according to the politician, “if we do not change the system, alterations will not come “.

Klymenko also commented on the reasons, why does he actually go into politics. “… I have already been in politics – I would like to talk to you today. For me, politics – it is not elections, not a position, and not power as such. It is a way to help people in solving their problems, in order to make the country more successful … If you believe in Ukrainian future, let’s be united! “- Klymenko wrote in response to a user’s question.

At the end of the chat, politician presented his new movie, called “Fighting for your future“. According to the description, this video is about the fact that even a simple pen can be more efficient than tanks during the fighting for the interests of Ukraine. It was made «in order to demonstrate that patriotism is really multifaceted. We can fight for justice and the protection of national interests not only with the help of the weapon».