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News | 1453 | 22.09.2015

Klymenko: Аll charges and accusations against me are farfetched and baseless

Oleksandr Klymenko stated that all charges and accusations against him of Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine are farfetched, baseless and the persecution is politically motivated.

“The prospect of my returning to Ukraine and the emergence of the alternative view on the situation in the country was so frightened for some representatives of our ruling elite, that even Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine had to delve into my cases. Everything is very predictable and formulaic,”- politician on his Facebook page commented hibernal accusations of Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine.

According to Klymenko, he is «ready to be responsible for his every decision, each signature as a minister».

«The truth is on my side! It is also on the side of millions of Ukrainians. I am ready to fight for their rights and their future!”- he writes.

Let us recall that yesterday Oleksandr Klymenko carried out a press conference, where he claimed he would return to Ukraine in order to «become the voice of every person, who can not be heard today».

Nowadays, representatives of Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine state that it expects for the Resolution of the court of Pechersk district in Kiev on September 24 on the conducting of absentee investigation against Oleksandr Klymenko. According to the representative of Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine, he will be detained if he arrives to Ukraine.