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News | 1507 | 04.09.2015

Oleksandr Klymenko: Government limits the rights of entrepreneurs

New “tax reform”, which was offered by the government, does not simplify the tax system and severely limits the rights of entrepreneurs in the context of using the single tax. Oleksandr Klymenko – politician, founder of the initiative “Restoring Donbas» told about it on his Facebook page.

The politician says that according to this reform, all entities (individual) will be transferred to the general taxation system. “The government offers to leave the simplified tax system only for natural persons-entrepreneurs with annual turnover of up to UAH 300 thousand during a year. In fact, it is market traders with a single point of sale, individual client services, freelancers” – says Oleksandr Klymenko.

Government plans to include only individuals in the second group of single tax payers – entrepreneurs with a turnover of up to UAH 2 million during a year. However, they still have to pay taxes on the difference between revenues and expenditures – in fact, up to 40% of total income.

According to the politician, we must not abandon the simplified tax system under the current circumstances. After all, this solution, most likely, will lead to even greater moving business into the shadows, or closing the business.

“The best thing the government can do today – not to change the tax system during 5 years and enable microbusinesses to get stronger, to grow entrepreneurial class” – says Oleksandr Klymenko.