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Interview | 1476 | 19.12.2014

Klymenko in an interview with CNN: I was a minister-technocrat and has done a lot for my country

Oleksandr Klymenko – ex-minister of revenues and duties, intends to return to Ukraine in the nearest future. He denies all accusations of guidance of large scheme on tax evasion. He told about it in the interview with Christiane Amanpour – the famous American television journalist – during her talk show on CNN International channel. It was published in «Comments».

Amanpour asked the ex-minister, whether he accepts shortcomings of his administration. “Of course, there were some defects. We have not finished some projects, such as taxes on individuals, simplification of tax payments. However, there are things, which I am personally proud of.  Firstly, we have invited PricewaterhouseCoopers, the best auditing company, in order help us with the implementation of reforms in the Ministry. It allowed to introduce anti-corruption strategy in our ministry, “- said Klymenko during the interview with CNN.

Ex-minister of revenue and duties​ denies all accusations of guidance of large scheme on tax evasion and network of phantom companies used in corrupt activities.

«Nobody wants to know that I was a minister-technocrat. That time [in February] there was no justice. There was a revolutionary need and political pursuit “-  said Klymenko and confirmed his intention to return to Ukraine.

“I hope to return to Ukraine in the nearest future. My country and is people are always in my mind. I will stretch out a helping hand to my people any minute … I can not observe current events without the pain in my heart. I want to help Ukraine “, – said Klymenko. Politician regrets “about events of February”. However, he stated about “political cleansing” motivated by the fact that he was “labeled as a person, who belongs to Yanukovych regime”.

According to CNN, the Ukrainian economy is on its knees in the light of the proceeding military conflict. According to the IMF, the country will need billions of subsidies.

Answering Amanpour’s question about the situation in Donbas, Klymenko said that “Donbas has always been a part of Ukraine.”

“I believe that [regions] of the eastern Donbas have to decide what part of them to be. It is important to hear Donbas, its decisions, its voice must be important … I’m sure there is a lot of things to do in order to unite Ukraine instead of separation (that is happening now). Donbas people were actually “crossed out” of the Ukrainian people, “- said Klymenko. Let us remind that talk show of Christiano Amanpour goes on TV CNN International. Amanpour is the leader among American TV journalists. The most famous world politicians participate in her programs. The largest number of heads of state and foreign ministers follows her Twitter.

Previously President Poroshenko participated in the talk show on TV Christiane Amanpour CNN.

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