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Digest | 1409 | 12.03.2014

Ex-minister of Revenues and Duties Oleksandr Klymenko denies negotiations on the returning to the public service

Awhile I had informational time out. However, nowadays I keep on touch and and ready to communicate. Ex-minister of Revenues and Duties of Ukraine Oleksandr Klymenko wrote about it on his official Facebook page.

He also assured that he has no banking accounts abroad.

“Concerning the alleged blocking of my bank accounts in Switzerland, Austria or any other country. Me and my family do not have any banking accounts in these states. Therefore, all statements related to this issue are groundless, “- he said.

Oleksandr Klymenko denied the negotiations about returning to the government positions.

“Gossips about negotiations about maintaining the position of the head of the Ministry of Revenues and Duties or Tax Service are not true. I am not planning to return to the public service.  I am ready to provide all necessary information/ tips on tax and customs policy to the new heads of departments. I devoted 9 years of my life to these areas.

Klymenko also calls on the government to renovate process of VAT refunding, mainly, in automatic mode.

Link to source: UNIAN

Photo: sfs.gov.ua