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Digest | 1468 | 15.08.2016

Oleksandr Klymenko: “Ukraine and ukrainians should follow their own path and live their own values in order to succeed”

The honorary head of the “Uspishna Kraina” political party presented the system of basic values, which unite supporters of the party, to readers of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Ukrainian society has entered into a phase of disappointment. Nowadays, three-quarters of Ukrainians believe that our country is going in the wrong direction. Neither of the leaders of former heads of Maidan have at least 15% of rating. People lost their faith in possibility of any positive changes.

However, we have learnt a lesson and obtained valuable experience. During the last two and a half years we have found out, who should be responsible for collapse of Ukrainian statehood. I would like to be the first, who will state about the fact, which will soon become obvious: stop blaming each other and oppose one part of people to other. Otherwise, after the spiritual death of the nation, there will be the death of Ukraine as a state.

Each word, which is stated in this article, is related to me as well as to other Ukrainians: I follow my own path, which was full of victories, losses and challenges. People, who joined our team, also have such path. As well as all Ukrainians.

Everyone will understand my words in their own way. However, I would like to tell you, how people, who have been united in a new «Uspishna Kraina» party, understand course of events. I would like to tell you about values, which guide them. I would like to emphasize that the «Uspishna Kraina» party is the only ideological party in Ukraine: our priority is not money or power, but idea of the country’s success as the success of each citizen.

Why is it important today? It is important because it does not come about a choice of appropriate political tactic, but about the basic question: to be or not to be an independent Ukraine?

The answer “to be” is possible upon one condition, namely, during the conflict of basic values and political tactics, the values should prevail.

On honesty

For instance, it comes about such value as honesty with ourselves and with our fellow citizens.

There is an undeclared war in Ukraine. Why is it still not declared? There is no answer. Why can we hear the talks on the fact that peace in Donbas is not needed? I see the answer with its rather trivial, but more cynical nature: several million people were excluded from the electoral process. It helped current power to get a majority in the presidential and parliamentary elections. The war must be stopped immediately. Those, who support the war, are destroying Ukrainian independence.

On equality

Ukraine should remember about the equality of its citizens. Why do millions of people are deprived of their basic rights today? The answer is the same – political expediency. Retreat from the core value – equality – has led to serious consequences. However, Ukrainian democracy of Zaporizhzhya Sich was based on equality. We forgot the basics and got the tragedy. We advocate for returning of millions of citizens to Ukraine, for the unity of Ukraine.

On traditions

Another timeless value – is our history and tradition. I am confident that distortion of historical truth is unacceptable. Therefore, despite the absolute support of restoring historical relations between Ukraine and Europe, it is necessary to remember about the ties between Ukraine and Russia during. I am sure that demonization of historical co-existence of our countries is ideological falsification.

Nowadays, Pragmatism should become our guiding light in the context of relations with Russia: otherwise, we will have to deny and forbid, break millions of relations ties and to announce Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical (which unites millions of religious people) to be outlaw. We should refuse to demonize Russia and move to pragmatic relationships with it and other CIS countries.

At the same time, we should have pragmatic look at the West. On the one hand, we must refuse from romantic expectations of life in paradise. On the other hand, we cannot ignore European choice of Ukraine in the context of its future.

We advocate for balanced multi-vector foreign policy of Ukraine aimed at retention of our cultural uniqueness.

We believe that exactly the memory of historical path allows us to remain independent, sovereign and stable Ukraine, which is adherent to democracy and the rule of law.

On justice

Religion must be a reconciliation territory. Attempts of its using for confrontation in society are unacceptable.

Finally, it comes about justice. Nowadays, justice was embodied in democracy – a political principle, which provides each person with equal grounds to participate in governance of their own state.

However, organized provocations against “Uspishna Kraina” in several Ukrainian cities speak for themselves. Authorities choose a slippery slope in case of treading down the core values of the nation and the country.

The politicians will have to move from competition in using force to competition of ideas in front of imminent and, surely, foregone choice in favour of democracy and freedom.

The road to dictatorship and totalitarianism in Ukraine is doomed to failure. I call on our government to realize it and refuse from suppression of dissent by using force.

On independence

Another one value – is independence, which means not the freedom of arbitrariness, but responsibility to present and future.

Our path – is uncompromising defence of these values. Not for the sake of condemnation of other values, but for demonstration that we have the values, which were bequeathed to us by ancestry. It comes about values that will allow us to follow our own path – from chaos to successful Ukraine!

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