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Digest | 1489 | 03.03.2015

The authorities have hold aloof from solving problems of refugees from Donbas – Oleksandr Klymenko

The Ukrainian government has withdrawn itself from solving problems of internally displaced persons from the Donbas, shifting the issue on the shoulders of volunteers and community organizations, stated Oleksandr Klymenko, ex-minister of revenue and duties. Ex-minister and founder of the community initiative “Restoring Donbas” wrote about this on his Facebook page.

Klymenko reproaches state representatives that instead of an effective assistance program to refugees from the ATO area, they are confining themselves to “formal and often simply populist solutions”.

For example, proposed by MPs from the pro-government factions legislative initiative to compensate IDPs from Donbas the value of property, which was damaged in the ATO area as a result of military operations, according to the politician is “unambiguously correct, but as usually, there are a number of questions to the government”.

First of all, where the government is planning to take money for such compensation. According to Oleksandr Klymenko, in 2015 the state has budgeted UAH510 million to help 1 million people, who were forced to leave Donbas.

“This is UAH 510 per person per year, or UAH 42,5 per month. I.e. the state is ready to allocate a little over $1 a month for each IDP!”- he notes.

If the amendments to the budget are voted, the IDPs will be able to count on additional UAH 2,8 billion. Assistance per capita will increase to UAH 3310 per year or up to UAH 275 per month. At the exchange rate, for example, UAH 25 per dollar – it is about $ 11.

“We all understand that even such paltry sums will not be given to everybody who needs them. State creates significant bureaucratic obstacles – both at the stage of determining a forced migrant status, and at the stage of allocation of that scarce assistance, to which this very state has had a fit of generosity, “- emphasizes ex-Minister

In addition, he states that the authorities do not take any effort to coordinate their actions to assist internally displaced persons.

“The government learned about the possibility of mass migration from Donbas not today and not a month ago – it was possible to draw up and implement a system of electronic register of IDPs. It was necessary to coordinate the actions of state authorities for the purpose of continuously informing IDPs about availability of jobs, housing, and places in kindergartens and schools. To accumulate all such information on one single resource – Ukrainian portal of assistance to IDPs “- suggests Oleksandr Klymenko.

However, up to the present moment, even information and consultancy support of IDPs is carried out exclusively by volunteers and community organizations, but not by the state, says politician.

He appreciates the efforts of concerned citizens who are now involved in solving problems of refugees. “Such assistance, I think, is the highest manifestation of not just patriotism, but of human virtue and Christian values” – Klymenko is convinced.

However, without systemic participation of public authorities it is impossible to solve the problem, summed up ex-Minister.

According to the UN estimates, the number of IDPs in Ukraine has reached nearly 980,000 people. According to forecasts of the organization, the number will increase, because not all of them have been officially registered.

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Photo: Reuters