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| 20.12.2017

Ukraine turns into second-hand, — Klymenko

During the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine turned into a mass consumer second-hand goods due to economic decline. It was stated by Oleksandr Klymenko, former Minister of Revenues and Duties and leader of the “Uspishna Kraina” party, referring to open data of statistics. The politician recalls that Ukraine introduced preferences for trading of second-hand clothing […]
| 19.12.2017

There is no world support: Poroshenko is not “handshaking” anymore

Finally, I got my hands on careful investigation and analysis of international reports on Poroshenko’s activities. Nowadays, those, whose support was so important for him, attack the power with criticism. The UN has published its 20th report on the state of human rights in Ukraine during the period from August to November 2017. Observers stated […]
| 02.10.2017

Is Catalonia a «Spanish Donbas»?

This weekend, all eyes were riveted on the events in Catalonia, where it was held an independence referendum. Our team was also following the events. I would like to share some thoughts about it. On October 2, the authorities of Catalonia announced the results of the independence referendum, which was held against the will of […]
| 26.09.2017

The new Law “On Education” – is language genocide in Ukraine

I have a question for Ukrainian citizens, who follow me, namely, ethnic Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians. I have a question for all Ukrainians, who are included to representatives of national minorities by the state. I would like to recall, there are more than 130 such people in our country. Moreover, people in Ukraine speak 79 […]
| 23.08.2017

(In-) dependance. Is there any chance for Ukraine?

On the eve of the Independence Day, all the neoterics in Facebook started to publish pamphlets on: “have we won” or not, to leave or to stay, and when the enlightenment comes. I would like to congratulate everyone on the Independence Day. We are Ukrainians, and we have finally become independent during the last 26 […]
| 30.05.2017

rozenko and the imf: why is the groysman’s giving hand is biten

Here is my opinion on attacks of Pavlo Rozenko towards the IMF. Recently, Pavlo Rozenko – Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs – called Ron van Roden, the head of the IMF mission in Ukraine, “awful nonpro”, and his thoughts as delirium. Why was he outraged? Representatives of the Fund believe that our pension system […]
| 30.05.2017

How did poroshenko and groysman earn money

When the information space is full of discussion on the raglan of Poroshenko’s son, his father, in fact, is carrying out the largest fraud for the last time. Its essence is the following. You can remebmer the fact that the power was preparing for filling the budget with UAH 61.8 billion. However, despite the statements […]
| 30.05.2017

Games with faith

Why did the government decide to play on the feelings of Ukrainian believers? In media, it was started the discussion of strange draftlaw that would be considered in the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, May 18.  By the way, it is absolutely anti-constitutional. It is aimed at destroying Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). Probably, it is […]
| 25.05.2017

Statement of Oleksandr Klymenko on the situation related to the detention of the ex-employees of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties

The so-called “the largest anti-corruption operation in Ukrainian history” – it is nothing more than a PR and a show that was prepared on the eve of the report of Lutsenko – Prosecutor General of Ukraine – in the Verkhovna Rada. Each adequate person, who is able to think and analyze, clearly understands that there […]
| 07.04.2017

Mortgage for IDPs

People often ask me different questions. The most frequently asked questions are related to their financial problems, namely, housing and work. More than 1.5 million IDPs are registered in Ukraine. They left their houses, property and moved due to the war. Of course, they hope that it is temporary. However, plethora IDPs have only casual […]
| 31.03.2017

Slave code

The power has resurrected the Labour Code. Firstly, it is necessary to curry favour with Europeans. Secondly, they want to demonstrate a burst of activity. The rights of employees will be substantially pared down since autumn under the legislation. Here are some instances: – working day can reach 10 hours, namely, it comes about 40 hours in […]
| 30.03.2017

Background of the new reform of the State Fiscal Service in Ukraine

Since 2015, the Ministry of Finance has been carried out reform of the State Fiscal Service. This year it should have been finished. However, it is not. As it turned out, everything was wrong until now.  Daniluk stated that the fiscal service has become hopelessly obsolete. Therefore, the Cabinet approved a new concept of reforming […]
| 28.03.2017

On dictatorship and black swans

 Plethora people were following the protest in Russian and Belarus. So do I. Frankly speaking, I envy them a little. Such protest in Ukraine is impossible. The reason for this is the fact that Ukrainian power is so enthusiastically building a police state. Moreover, the dictatorship of Poroshenko has already surpassed even the North Korean […]
| 22.03.2017

“Fairy tales of Panas grandfather anew”: on purchase of anthracite in the USA, Australia and South Africa

A month ago, Groysman stated that there would be no alternative to Donbas coal. Nowadays, he declares that we will buy coal in the USA, Australia, and South Africa (Transvaal). Since I am not an unfounded person as out Prime-Minister, I (together with my team) decided to do work instead of Ukrainian government, to check […]
| 21.03.2017

Residents of Svitlovodsk: “the entire city will stand for protection of the hospital”

It was stated by residents of Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd region, when they described their attitude to the so-called “health care reform”. Such reform is the reason for the closure of the hospital in their city. The authorities want to make residents of Svitlovodsk to go to the “nearby” Alexandria, which is 60 kilometers from their home. […]
| 17.03.2017

Give way to cash machines!

Yesterday the Cabinet of Ministers approved a list of “technically complicated household goods” that require register of transaction accounts (namely, cash machine or recorders of transaction accounts itself). Entrepreneurs, who pay Single tax, are obliged to purchase it anyway (regardless of a turnover). It means that about 340,000 entrepreneurs, who sell goods from the list ...
| 15.03.2017

Who run Ukraine?

Is it about the oligarchs, who stand behind the Poroshenko, who want to keep their control over the energy sources? Or is it about the oligarchs, who stand behind Parasyuk and Co., which want to redistribute control over these energy sources in their favour? Is it about the United States or Europe, which proceed to […]
| 02.03.2017

Nuclear fuel: The power has quietly stole our uranium

While everyone was publishing memes about Klitschko and Shuliavsky Bridge, more significant events took place. In particular, the government provided the private company “N” with an opportunity to extract uranium ore from strategic deposits. Accordingly, nowadays, half of this mineral of the country will be in private hands. The order on special permit for the […]
| 01.03.2017

The gas “Rotterdam plus”. How did authorities deceive Ukrainians

Nowadays, Ukrainians are happy about the arrival of spring weather. It is also related to the end of the heating season, which cannot be afforded by population. The authorities are also happy: citizens coped with “fair” gas prices. Therefore, it can be raised again.  I will explain how does this scam work. We should understand […]
| 24.02.2017

Three years after the Maidan. Chance for an alternative

February. Kyiv. Barricades on Bankova Str. People in tents on Maidan. Police borders. Clashes between “activists” and representatives of law enforcement agencies. Each Ukrainian has such pictures from February 2014 in his mind. Such course of events became crucial and tragic for Ukraine. However, nowadays, it is February 2017. History repeats itself, first as tragedy, […]
| 24.02.2017

All for bad: on the prohibition of money transfers from Russia

 In October 2016, he signed a Decree on banning the following Russian payment systems: “Unistream”, “Golden Crown”, “Kolibri”, “Leader”, “Anelik, Blizko”. We need more, much more sanctions against the Russian Federation! Of course, the President did not consider it necessary to take into account that Ukrainian migrant workers transfer money from Russia to their relatives ...
| 15.02.2017

Energetic state of emergency: money laundering scheme

Nowadays, I am observing the government’s hysteria in terms of energetic state of emergency and switching off the electricity. First and foremost, I would like to assure everyone: THERE IS NO PROBLEM. At the same time, there is no need to raise electricity price in spring. The problem is only in desire of the authorities […]
| 13.02.2017

The power will reduce the amount of pensioners by three times

What does a tax in retirement mean? When to get retired? What is the “pension reform”? These are the most frequently asked questions that I have received by e-mail for the last days. I would like to briefly describe, what is going on from the very beginning. Current government will sign a new memorandum for […]
| 12.02.2017

Minsk-2. 2 years later

I would like to warn you: if you want to read popular ideas about Minsk Agreement or something like “Poroshenko is a good boy”, you chose the wrong door. Two years ago, on February 12, 2015, during the summit in Minsk, the leaders of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia (“Norman Quartet”) agreed to implement the […]
| 03.02.2017

About visa-free travel for Georgia and without-visa-free travel for Ukraine

Yesterday there was plethora sad comments about the fact that the EU Parliament has approved a proposal on visa liberalisation for Georgia, allowing conditional visa-free travel for citizens. It seems that people are happy for the Georgian friends. However, they have lump in their throat because of the unspoken #betrayal. Ukraine, which is torn to pieces for the […]
| 02.02.2017

What does Poroshenko need in terms of NATO?

Petro Poroshenko again made statements concerning the NATO. This time he decided not to waste time on blurred declarations on accession, but immediately announced plans: to hold a referendum. He has already predicted its result: according to the owner of the Roshen corporation, the idea will be supported by 54% of citizens, not supported by […]
| 31.01.2017

Minsk turn of Poroshenko: is Donbas peace around the corner?

The course of events in geopolitics has started to change: Trump’s victory and his conversation with Putin, appointment of the new heads of European organizations and upcoming elections in France and Germany. What should Ukrainians expect or not expect for in terms of Donbas issue? Under new conditions, President Poroshenko, of course, began to adapt […]
| 26.01.2017

Why does the «power» not equal to «state»

Nowadays, I keep on holding the meetings in Zhytomyr region and met with residents of Korosten. If you are not aware of it, this city was significantly damaged during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Korosten is concerned about the information that the status of the regions, which were affected by Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident, […]
| 23.01.2017

Ill turn by Groysman

Ukrainians with low level of income are being fired. Such course of events is related to Groysman and his ill turn, namely, raising the minimum wage up to UAH 3200. Nowadays, I got the letter from Lyudmila (resident of Kharkiv). She is an interpreter, a young specialist. In January, she was fired due to the […]
| 21.01.2017

One way ticket?

I cannot keep silent about discussion on emigration. There is plethora news about it in our timelines. Yes. Ukrainians leave the country. Someone does it temporarily (to wait). However, we must admit that the majority will not come back. Why do people, often specialists, leave our country? I will try to distinguish several reasons for […]
| 18.01.2017

IDP’s certificate: insulted and humiliated

I have read the following story on Facebook today. Galyna devoted 40 years to work in school. Now she is retired. The state granted her “generous” pension amounted to UAH 1,700 as a reward for years she devoted to pedagogical work. However, they even did not give back her these pennies. One day she wanted […]
| 16.01.2017

To Victor Fedorovich Poroshenko

“The laws of January 16”, which were demonized and almost immediately abolished by “democratic forces,” have returned by the same “democratic forces”. There will be not enough fingers to list all the initiatives of the current Rada aimed at tightening the nuts. If someone have doubts that the Maidan in its “peaceful” form is impossible, […]
| 11.01.2017

Benefits for foolishness

Volodymyr Groysman is not going to maintain unemployment. It was publicly stated during the meeting of the Cabinet by him. It means that the State Employment Service, which provides people, who lost their job, with payments, will be changed in its structure. It will “support creating of workplaces”, instead of paying social benefits to “freeloaders”. […]