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Articles | 1138 | 19.12.2017

There is no world support: Poroshenko is not “handshaking” anymore

Finally, I got my hands on careful investigation and analysis of international reports on Poroshenko’s activities. Nowadays, those, whose support was so important for him, attack the power with criticism.

The UN has published its 20th report on the state of human rights in Ukraine during the period from August to November 2017. Observers stated about plethora violations of human rights and freedom of speech.

In particular, it comes about arbitrary detention, torture, violence and bullying, which are “committed due to the conflict from the both sides of the demarcation line”. After a temporary lull in early autumn, the number of victims among civilians in eastern Ukraine started to grow again in November. The more unpleasant thing for Poroshenko is the fact that the report includes statements on direct pressure on Ukrainian courts.

The report of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has also been prepared in such a critical way for the power.

According to the estimates of ICC, by August 22, 2017, the number of missing people in Donbas has been amounted from 1 to 1.5 thousand. The Security Service of Ukraine has other data and figures. Earlier, Hrytsak – the head of the Security Service of Ukraine – stated that during the military conflict, only 403 disappeared people are missing.

“Why does the data of Ukrainian officials differ from international structures” – it is rather rhetorical question. One thing is clear – Poroshenko regime has lost its support of the world community. If the president is intended to proceed to act in such a way, criticism and pressure of international organizations will increase.

It is rather good symbol for us, Ukrainians, who want peace. After all, the louder Poroshenko points at gross violations of the Constitution, the more difficult to ignore the demands of the international community.

It is obvious that the law on education and the draftlaw on reintegration of Donbas became the last drop, which made the cup of the West run over. The first document has already led to deterioration of relations with Hungary, Poland and other EU countries. The second one will absolutely bury the Minsk agreements.

The MPs are going to examine the draftlaw on reintegration under a reduced procedure and cope with it for half a day. Thus, less citizens will have time to understand its provisions.

Plethora experts raise concerns related to the document and state that it will drastically aggravate the situation in Donbas. Their concerns are based on serious concerns.

In order to make sure of this, it is necessary to examine the content of the provisions of the draftlaw and numerous amendments, which will be made by the MPs. For instance, there is nothing about pensions or social benefits. However, it includes the provisions on disruption in diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia, responsibility for those, who work in administrations of Donetsk and Luhansk.

I have repeatedly stated that the draftlaw has nothing in common with reintegration of uncontrolled territories. It comes about an anti-state act, which lead to destruction of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and intensification of national split. It is not surprising that international community got tired of persuading insane Ukrainian politicians. That is why, it has made more decisive steps.