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The new Law “On Education” – is language genocide in Ukraine

The new Law On Education – is language genocide in Ukraine

I have a question for Ukrainian citizens, who follow me, namely, ethnic Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians.

I have a question for all Ukrainians, who are included to representatives of national minorities by the state. I would like to recall, there are more than 130 such people in our country. Moreover, people in Ukraine speak 79 languages. What are you going to do after yesterday’s decision of Poroshenko?

He signed the Law “On education”, which completely abolishes education in languages of national minorities. It will be carried out until 2020 at primary school. After that, it will be completely abolished too.

Personally, I had no doubt that Poroshenko would sign the scandalous Law “On Education”.  I have already said about it.

Firstly, he needs another “victory” in order to put it to the piggy bank of other fake “achievements”, such as visa free regime. Moreover, they will try to put it into a beautiful “package of Poroshenko’s reforms” on the eve of elections. In addition, they will try to persuade you that life in Ukraine is better with under their leadership.

Secondly, nowadays, it will be easier to adopt the pension reform itself in the wake of a scandal. This power is using this “thimblerigger scheme” regularly.

Thirdly, what could be better for the “President of war” and “Parliament of war” than another watershed in society? Nowadays, it is time to adopt the Law on religion in the same manner. Fortunately, Poroshenko has such draftlaws. The “divide and conquer” will reach its peak.

The law, which was signed yesterday, directly violates the Constitution of Ukraine. He wipes his feet on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (Treaty of the Council of Europe) and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. It violates the right of Ukrainian citizens to receive the education in their native language.

Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Greece, and Russia shout about it! Hungary promised that it would block any step aimed at integration Ukraine to the EU. Yes, plethora our neighbours provide people with their passports in frontier areas of Ukraine. However, genocide in education in these regions – it is not a solution at all.

It is easy to understand our neighbours. Each self-respecting state would like to protect representatives of its people in other countries. What will they get in return? Promises of some “expertise” by the Ministry of Education and statements of Klimkin, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that the main reason for scandal is “political background”.

The most important question in this situation – it is not even the conflict with our neighbours. The main thing is the fact that our guarantor of the Constitution violates the Constitution itself and does not protect basic, fundamental rights of its citizens. Under the conditions of country’s refusal to take on international obligations on protection of the rights of national minorities, it is awful. It’s just a recoil of civilization.

Ukraine has never been monoethnic. We are not Japan, not Italy, not Brazil. There are more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups here. We need competent language policy. However, Poroshenko does not want to negotiate and compromise. He needs power. He takes it in all fields. All things about compromises – are nail in the coffin of his reign.

In this situation, I have a strong feeling that people in Ukraine will “vote with their feet” against such a decision. They will do it via repatriation programs and foreign passports.

During the last three years, they have been suffered from the war, prices, and tariffs. However, deprivation people of their native language – is the height of cynicism.